Dr. Sarmishtha Adhya, IB Examiner, DP & MYP History Facilitator, The Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad

Dr. Sarmishtha Adhya tells her students that history is not about mugging up but rather it’s a beautiful journey filled with interesting stories. Students love her classes as she makes learning history very interesting by narrating stories.

According to Dr. Sarmishtha, history is important as it tells us about our roots; if we do not know what had happened in the past, we cannot be prepared for the future. She has been conducting online classes very successfully during the covid situation for her students who are in various countries.

She feels international curriculum is much more streamlined and focussed as compared to Indian Curriculum.

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Sanjay Dey, IBDP Physics Teacher, Oberoi International School, Mumbai

Sanjay Dey is pursuing Bachelor’s in education, while working as a teacher in an international school. He will earn his degree in year 2020.

Sanjay Dey has an Instagram page – @apnascientist where he posts demonstrations and experiments on physics that explains simple phenomenon.

His students access his page and also few students from other schools are getting to know about his page. The experiments are for school and college level students. It gives them idea about various concepts in physics and they can choose for their specialisation.

In this covid situation, he feels the teachers and students should be proactive in using technology for effective learning.

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Kamalpreet Kaur, TGT Science, The Millennium School, Noida

Kamalpreet Kaur has over 9.5 years of experience in teaching field.

During the covid period, Kamalpreet feels online teaching is good overall, but when it comes to laboratory practicals, it’s not easy for students to understand through online simulations. The learning is more effective when the students actually get to do the practical.

Kamalpreet teaches concept of physical and chemical changes by giving real examples like boiling an egg. In inter school competition, she has taken the lead of guiding the students to make a model of circulatory system and she bagged award for it as hers was the only model which was not ready made but made all by herself and her students.

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Sayali Joshi, IBMYP Examiner, MYP HOD Language Acquisition, DP French Facilitator

According to Sayali, speaking a foreign language can lead the way to great experiences in work, education, and travel. French language improves career options and is also a gateway to culture. As an official language of 29 countries across the globe, french is one of the top choices for language learners, and its many unique benefits could make it the right choice for you. Understanding French means knowing fashion, culinary arts, theater, dance, visual arts, and architecture.

During the corona virus situation, she felt teachers had to unlearn certain things and mould themselves to online teaching which was challenging but they have overcome it and conducting classes very successfully. She feels the best part of online teaching is that the sessions are recorded and students can always refer those later.

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Dr.Priyanka Malik, 1st MYP/DP Mathematics Teacher, Dr.Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University, Pune

Dr. Priyanka has done interdisciplinary research in her doctorate in school effectiveness on the basis of school culture and school context. She is having 9 years of teaching experience as mathematics teacher at secondary and higher secondary level in CBSE and IB board schools.

Being from research background, Dr. Priyanka says, she has good understanding of IB ideologies which is about independent learning, by doing research, observations, streaming hypothesis, finding solutions, interpreting those and reflecting on it. She guides students in mini research in maths by taking them outside the classroom and finding examples which can explain them the concepts

She feels every curriculum objectives are more or less the same. It is the methodology which is adopted in teaching. A good teacher will bring out the best out of students.

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Anugya Aggrawal, IBPYP Grade 5 Teacher, Pathways World School, Aravali, Gurgaon

Anugya Aggrawal has attained Bachelor’s in English, Economics and Political Science and Masters in Economics. Currently she is pursuing Bachelor’s of Education (B.Ed).  She has been promoted as IB MYP Individuals and Societies Teacher in the same organisation.

She chose IB as she feels IB imparts knowledge not confined to the walls of a classroom or into the pages of the book but it gives holistic development to a child. The child grows up independently in the initial years and thinks out of the box. It makes him/her understand each and every concept very well and engages globally to the changing world.

Talking about teaching during the pandemic situation, she says that students are becoming tech savvy and are able to learn digitally. Students are really happy with online teaching and learning.

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