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Muni International School, New Delhi has carved a niche for itself as an affordable private school under the NISA Network. The current strength of the students in the school is 687 and teachers 35. The school opened its doors in 2002 and conducts classes from Nursery to class X.

Ashok Kumar Thakur is the founder of the school and talks about the school and his experience.

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Please tell us about yourself.
I was born in Uttar Pradesh, had my education in Delhi University and I am an ex-serviceman too. I am a hardworking, self-made man with the sole aim of spreading education in the society, that too from the lowest strata. I was running a profitable business and my love for education made me leave it to start Muni International School in 2002. I believe that each human being is unique and has many talents. I strongly encourage scientific research and train students.

What is the mission of this school?

We believe that no child should be denied the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge. Education, its purpose, structures and spaces are redefined here so that learning is made more interactive and student-centric. We follow the “Ekalavya model” that encourages peer-learning and teacher assumes the role of a motivator and facilitator of learning through “Guided Discovery.”

Learning Foreign Languages
Muni International School lays more emphasis on learning foreign languages as it will help students get better scope at the international level. Apart from English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Arabic, and Spanish are taught. Vedic Maths, shorthand, Acupressure, Ayurvedic remedies are also taught. Not to lag behind at the technology front, students learn to operate tablets, access lessons through them, and repair them too.
The Research and Development department in the school consists of teachers, parents, supervisors and student representatives to develop policy making, lesson plans, relevance of curricular content to student needs and concerns.

Parliamentary System

The school follows parliamentary system with an aim of inculcating leadership, self-discipline, teamwork, decision making, negotiation, conflict resolution and understanding the rights, duties, and system. This helps in running the school with full transparency, build mutual respect and happiness among all. Each one learns to sort out the problems through dialogue. They understand the life’s purpose and move towards it, how to be a caring family member, active citizen and confident individual.

Group Reciprocal System
Also we follow Group Reciprocal System to understand how each student can get positive answer for their questions by helping each other and monitoring. They get a chance to exchange ideas, question freely and clarify ideas. By group teaching the narrator tests himself and learner understands better because they are in the same level.

Tell us a little about the school’s achievements
The school has won many accolades, some of which include:
• Declared one of top 15 in the world by UNESCO
• Change Maker School by Ashoka Foundation (U.S.A.)
• Regarded India’s No. 1 on city, state and country level awarded by Education World Magazine for two consecutive years
• “Best Education” and “Innovative Methodology” award by Prakh Foundation
• Japan selected Muni International as the only partner school in India for student exchange program, largely for collaboration among nations via education and culture
• Delhi State Government Education Board requested Muni International to train its Model school principal for enhancing effectiveness of teachers
• International Assessments of class I, III and V done by renowned NGO Education Alliance and applauded at a very high level
• Appreciated by Waterloo University
• Honored by NIER (National Institute for Education & Research)
• Conferred with the Rajdhani Gaurav Award – 2010 by Jan Sanskriti, NGO for Social Justice
• Received Sh. F.B Nigam Award for year 2011
• Received ‘Navratan Award of the Year for Excellence in Education’ by prestigious Navratan Society in Noida
• Conferred with Jan Samman for 2012 by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Charitable Trust
• Many documentaries and write ups done on school’s innovative pedagogy
• Associated with British Council Online School in which students interact for mutual understanding through all means of mass communication to build them as global citizens.
• Interviewed by the likes of NDTV, Sahara TV channels for introducing a unique education system in their school

What is Ekalavya system of teaching? What are its benefits and how do you implement it in your school?
I and our team came up with the unique “Ekalavya System” of teaching by questioning self and society. We had long discussions and research work on how a person becomes a genius. It was surprising to note that no DNA history or family environment was behind a person becoming a genius. Ekalavya was a disciple who learned without having a teacher. Yet another key component is Guided Discovery which makes one self-reliant leading to creating a strong society, no insecurities, no exploitation, deceits or wars. In Guided Discovery class students learn by sharing and discussing their views under teachers’ guidance and fusion of subjects such as Preface, Science, Maths, Creativity, Construction, and Role Play and so on.

The system called AM I ABLE is followed as the examination pattern. The students do self-analysis and self-evaluation to compete with his/her own self, thus developing self-discipline and self-motivation to be responsible for their own growth and development. This is a total method of teaching, monitoring, and evaluating.

I wish to state that every school should plan for the future and to build the nation’s destiny.

Contact: Sh. Ashok Kumar Thakur
Muni International School
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