Ashish Bhatnagar – Shaoxing International School China

Headed by Ashish Bhatnagar as the Principal, Shaoxing International School is based in the town of Keqiao, China. The town is the hub of the world’s largest textile market and this school was founded to cater to the needs of the expat community. Shaoxing International School offers Cambridge programmes from K-12 and has students from many different nationalities – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Syria, Yemen, and more. This mix provides a great platform for learning and co-existence.

 Ashish Bhatnagar tells us about himself

 I come from a small city, Udaipur. I was raised here and got my basic education here only. I come from a family where most of our working members are into teaching. I have worked and taught across continents and in countries like Saudi Arabia, Malawi in South Central Africa, China, UAE and of course, India.

Awards & Accolades

  • Received an award for ‘Best Progressive Principal’ at International EduSummit School Leadership Excellence Award in New Delhi on Jan 2018.
  • Got an Award for the school as Best School for Innovative Practices at International Edusummit in New Delhi, organized by CED in Jan 2018.
  • Got awarded at Global Education Summit 2017 in August 2017 for Best School/Principal in the category ‘Excellence in Languages Education’.

International schooling system Versus Indian schooling system

Ashish says that Indian schooling system believes in rote learning whereas International system believes in practical learning. There is a lot of focus on 21st Century skills, life-skills and critical thinking skills. It emphasizes the role of imagination and creativity, developing artistic instincts of a child.

The assessment system in India is to test the memory and not the understanding of a child. It creates a lot of pressure on the child and he runs away from schooling or starts getting frustrated.

Benefits of an International School

Ashish says, “Well, it’s not that only an international school can provide you with optimum benefits. Any school where the management and the leaders are open to implementing the practical learning system and pedagogies, any and every child can reap benefits out of it. But since you have asked me this question, let me try and sum it up like this:

We are living in a rapidly changing world which is more globalized, complex, technologically advanced. International education gives students many important benefits:

  • International education encourages open-mindedness and quashes predispositions if any;
  • Internationalism – Develop inter-cultural cooperation and respect for other nationals;
  • An opportunity to learn more languages from their first-language speakers as students come from various parts of the country and the world
  • Develop stronger bonding and networks across the globe
  • Creating more opportunities for innovation and learning.”

Effective Communication Skills

Shaoxing International School offers English, Hindi, Spanish and Chinese Mandarin as Language options. Every language has four components – Reading, writing, listening and speaking. The teachers are using several resources to make learning effective. They also organise different inter-class and inter-house activities such as Debates, Essay-writing, Extempore, Elocution etc. Such activities keep the spirit of learning up and alive!

Ashish thinks that one of the biggest challenges (from his experience) is the persistent drilling, that a student should develop critical thinking skills and be conscious of ‘how’ and ‘why’ things happen and not just mug-up the ‘What’ questions.

World Environmental Day Celebrations

 World Environment Day was celebrated by doing the Tree-Plantation at a given site on the Aravali Hills. The school has also involved the students from a government school in the celebrations.

Contact Details:

Shaoxing International School
1788 Hudong Road, Keqiao,
Shaoxing County,
Peoples Republic of China