Aprajita Ralli on “My experience in training and leading, enabling teachers and students to have their own voice”

Ms. Aprajita Ralli says being a teacher has been a lifelong dream fulfilled, enjoy being with children and learning a lot each day, the challenges one faces gears u up further ….looking forward to the years ahead of teaching learning caring and sharing.

Ms. Aprajita Ralli   has been an educator for the past 26 years ; provided staff development training and support in technology integration, instructional design, and e-learning in K-12 and higher education classrooms. She is a Master of Arts in History, a Bachelors in education, A teaching and leadership certificate in Education in Curriculum design & Instruction . She is  extremely happy about her vast experience in Educational Technology & E-Learning.

Ms. Aprajita Ralli  is MIDDLE SCHOOL COORDINATOR with PATHWAYS SCHOOL, NOIDA , trained Microsoft In education EXPERT for the past four consecutive years, A Certified Educator for technology Integrationist, having been certified from TISS & Microsoft education ,Penpalsschools , ADOBE,SEESAW,  WAKELET, FLIPGRID.She has h been called an Ed Tech Rockstar and have presented internationally, at state and national education conferences around India.

She mentors teachers and moderate discussions, she has experience in training and leading, enabling teachers and students to have their own voice in the process. Ms. Aprajita has been a secondary and high school educator for 26 years and providing professional learning and instructional design support to schools across the country through the pandemic.I am deeply passionate about students’ role in the fulfillment of the Global goals and facilitate projects globally, being a TEACHSDG AMBASSADOR. COMMUNITY service has been my driving force and has trained several batches of teachers and students in this direction over the past 15 odd years

This meeting was held on August 11, 2021 11:00 am