Anjum Babukhan – Glendale Academy, Hyderabad

Established in 2003, Glendale Academy in Hyderabad is a CBSE affiliated school that is situated on a lush 10-acre campus near Golconda Artillery Centre, Hyderabad that offers a positive teaching and learning atmosphere. Working on the motto “learning every day, loving every minute”, Glendale school currently has 2000 students and more than 250 staff. The school has created a vibrant ambience that is nature and student-friendly and has adopted a teaching methodology that caters to the needs of every child.

The foundations of Glendale Academy were laid by Late. Mr Bashiruddin Babukhan, who was also the Founder Chairman. He was a visionary philosopher, philanthropist and a politician who wanted to start a school with a difference and leave a legacy to cultivate the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow.’

Ms Anjum Babukhan is the current Director-Education of Glendale Academy and has accomplished releasing A-Z Series that shares highlights and the book, ABCs of Brain-Compatible Learning on YouTube.  She has compiled the book ABCs of Brain-Compatible Learning on learnings in the education field for over two decades.

Specialities of GLENDALE ACADEMY

  • Ms Anjum Babukhan could find whatever she cherished back in her school days in Glendale Academy, such as “story-telling area in the library, the extensive art and music studios, landscaped gardens, adventure playground, corners with encouraging messages, such welcoming concepts”
  • Indian elements such as yoga, Indian dance forms are taught
  • Glendale Academy is a member of SPIC MACAY and gets artists from all over the world to perform for the students throughout the year
  • Work given to students improve their self-confidence and is an outline of the external world
  • Students learn independence, interdependence, self-reliance, effective communication, organizational skills, creative and critical thinking skills, financial literacy, lateral thinking, and most importantly learning to change with the dynamics of the global occupational scenarios
  • Vocational subjects such as First aid training, carpentry, 3 D Science, Tailoring are offered apart from cultural, financial, physical, media, intrapersonal, and media literacy
  • Students encouraged to participate in community service such as teaching underprivileged students

Safety, Health and Academic Growth

Glendale Academy has always focused on child-centric learning environment and has infrastructure focusing totally on child safety

  • Almost 400 CCTV cameras installed to cover various areas
  • Staff is employed after checking their background and previous employment
  • Staff is made aware of POCSO Act
  • Regular fire drills are conducted
  • All school buses are fitted with GPS equipment
  • Water and food are tested at regular intervals

Usage of Technology

  • Academic Team of the school is very keen about achieving continuous academic research and development
  • School believes “the more ways we teach, the more children we reach.”
  • Animation to improve creative potential and imagination of students
  • Classroom learnings supplemented by Mobile App development and Robotics and enhance their “logical, mathematical and visual-spatial intelligences”
  • Data-wise Methodology for analysing and generating reports of survey and students, teachers and parents provide the feedback

Fee Structure and Parents’ Participation

  • Fee hike only about 10% in the last few years which is very reasonable


  • UN Sustainable Development Goals along with the curriculum help students to be aware of social responsibility in the world.


Ms Anjum Babukhan feels that “critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and character” help children contribute to society. Glendale Academy combines these competencies with curriculum and offers to children by means of activities and engaging programs. “In order to create global competent citizens, we aspire to help our students think globally and act locally.”


When asked about the changes coming up in the education sector in India, Ms Anjum points out that still parents in India prefer their kids to be taught in the traditional methods and are worried about the marks. They feel co-curricular activities distract the students. She says, “Parents fail to understand that these activities can teach much more than the conventional teaching through books. This way the child goes a step further and develops other skills.”

She concludes that with the constant efforts of the teachers, parents have started realizing the value of the engaging method of education and “we stress that a holistic and enriching foundation paves the way for more confident learners.”

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