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Kids Club is the brainchild of Ms. Aditi Shah, an architect turned extracurricular activity expert. She is the director of the club having associated with over 8 thousand families with little children.

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Kids Club – a Synopsis
· Kids Club encourages children to learn yoga, musical instruments, and dance forms like Zumba, general knowledge, games like cricket, basketball, football, skating, badminton, and music apart from strength training.
· About “30-40 different activities are conducted under one roof.”
· OctoSmart is the special program designed for children under the age group 2.5-5 years.
· It is a “module prepared by Kids Club as a series of summer workshops based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.”
· Even children of 6months and above are catered to here. The staff ratio to children ratio for OctoSmart is 1:4.
· Parents also will learn about the “different types of intelligence that each child possesses and if they want they will be able to learn more about their own child’s learning style.”
· It is the warm environment, variety of activities for parents and children, and the open space that marks Kids Club unique.

Handling the mood swings of children
Kids Club understands that a child gets upset “when something is bothering” him. The staff focus on finding out that “something” to solve the issue. Kids Club is firm that “if you respect a child and accept them as they are, they will accept you and cooperate.” Ms. Aditi points out that Kids Club does not have any issues with children, and “it’s the parents’ temperament we have to handle delicately.”

Facing challenges
Kids Club and its team have seen all types of challenges as only chances to learning something new. The team is very confident that if at all any challenges come up when the workshop is being conducted, they can handle them.
Memorable moment
Kids Club is happy that many children feel so homely here which the vision of the Club was too. There are people who Ms. Aditi has not met and yet they are ready to support Kids Club. “Once, I was at Patwardhan Park where I overheard two mothers praising Kids Club. I asked, “Aren’t most activity centres the same?” They spent 15 minutes passionately convincing me that none of the other centres was comparable.” has recognized the Kids Club as the best activity centre in India by means of a poll with over 16 thousand voters.

Other activities
Concepts like “Playscape, Toyscape, Snowscape, and Artscape” are a huge hit among children. Events are specially planned for the children. Kids Club is opening Computer Lab with many courses for older children also this summer. They will learn Claymation, Photo editing, web designing, film making, script and screen using real cameras and working on post production activities. Kids Club works all week.

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Ph. Office 022 64700499