Abhijeet Mhatre, Letscampout, Mumbai

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Letscampout is a Mumbai-based organisation which is completely activity oriented. It is a learning centre
that enlightens you with a promise of giving you the best experiences of your life. Letscampout started its career with a fundamental aim of “simplifying camping” by reaching out to “handpicked idyllic locations including forests, beaches, hills and more.”

Abhijit Mahtre, the head of this organisation says, “With 12 campsites across Maharashtra, Letscampout offers unforgettable experiences. Letscampout provides adventure camping options on the stretch of Lonavla at 7 locations and also 3 camp-sites down south in Bangalore.



The sites offer a wide array of activities for thrill seekers like paintball, rappelling, zip lining, raft building, jungle/night trails, trekking, fishing and cycling.” It is a pretty exciting deal for all sports and adventure lovers.


Speaking about their special features, Letscampout stresses that they have the best “Quality Gear, Safety, and World Class Products, Trained Professionals and scenic locations with off-beat experience based learning.” They believe in making the world class camping easily available to people. “It ensures that its gear is suited to India’s tropical climate to make campers comfortable at the site.”


Thinking it’s just fun based and nothing to be learned really? Well, Letscampout does not just provide fun times to people. One can learn and cherish those experiences for ever. Entertaining people staring from age group of 6 to 65 years, Letscampout helps a student learn “Jungle Survival Techniques, Types of Knots, Types of Navigation and Signaling, Team Bonding, Saving Resources, Importance of Ecology, Astronomy & Jungle Cooking.” But with every single task what becomes a priority for them is ensuring your safety. And to ensure this Letscampout have a team of experts with a ratio equitable to 1:10. “We have 1 Outdoor Expert to 10 Kids ratio. Our staff are trained to maintain hygiene and we have round the clock instructor and maids if required for any assistance.”


While recalling about one of the enthusiasts and a young learner, Mr. Abhijeet says a story of small girl Leela who behaved very maturely for her age and how she set an example for everyone to learn. “ Neela was 3 years old but she knew what resource were she never wasted any food or water and was well behaved girl for her age. Other kids were given her example of using resources such as water and food and to avoid wastage.” This is indeed the “correct age” to mould the future generation, as they are “building blocks of this country” and if inculcated with good learning and respect for nature “this world can become a good place to live.”

A thrilling real experience is what Letscampout provides!

Contact Details: 99 Bhagirathi Sadan Opp Senapati Bapat Circle Dadar, West Mumbai – 400028
Phone: 9819813493/Email:info@letscampout.com/Website: www.letscampout.com