A P Sharma – Principal- Birla Public School, Doha

Armed with a M-Phil in economics and diploma in journalism newspaper and magazine, A P Sharma is the current Principal Birla Public School, Doha. A specialist on parenting and an enthusiastic TEDx speaker, Sharma has conducted over 100 workshops for students, parents, teachers and Principals in India and abroad.

During Sharma’s 10 year tenure as Principal at Apeejay School, Delhi, he was the recipient of several awards – the CBSE award, National award given by President of India, UNSECO award and D.C.W award (for spear heading the cause of women empowerment).

Birla Public School, based in Doha, Qatar was founded in 2004 by late Dr.Sarla Birlaji and Basant Kumar Birlaji and has current student strength of 7500.

A P Sharma speaks to School magazine…

What prompted you to select the Education sector as your career?

I was an ace debater during my college days and that skill inspired me to take up a teaching job. As I could use the skill to motivate young ones effectively. My grandfather had also been a Principal in a very reputed School during British period.He also used to tell me to get in to this profession which is more of a service to the nation. His personality had been an inspiration.

What differences did you find in the schools abroad versus those in India?

Particularly Indian Schools in Gulf lacks in exposure to students and teachers yet Qatar government has good system of accreditation which ensures quality standards in school. All over abroad, particularly in developed countries and Middle East, student’s safety and security measures are of very high level and they conduct monthly inspection to ensure the same.

Indian education system needs to take up reform that suits the coming decade.We must include research based learning to have desired outcomes.

What has been your biggest achievement?

My biggest success has been to inculcate innovative design-think, approach, attitude among student and teachers that too with the blend of human values on the top priority for which my previous school was awarded as “Most innovative school” in the country by ministry.

The second achievement if I count has been the empowerment of girls in school. My school was the first one in the country where NCC was made mandatory for all girls, and parents appreciated the step and we got recognition from Delhi commission for women.

However the biggest achievement is yet to come.

What are the 3 most significant challenges you have faced?

The challenges I faced:-

a. To make people understand that every child is unique and not necessarily everyone will shine in academics only.

b. It’s very difficult to orient the parenting style of Indian parents.They mostly impose their unfulfilled dreams on their wards.

c. To reduce addiction of students to social sites.

For more details on the school, please email – principal@bpsdoha.com

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