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Amit Kumar Jha is a Maths PGT (Post Graduate Teacher) at the CBSE board – Viraj Sri Ram Centennial School, located in Boisar, Maharashtra. The school is a joint venture of Viraj Profiles Ltd. along with Shriram Centennial School. In addition to teaching Maths, Jha is also the house master, class teacher and external exam in-charge at the school.

Jha started his teaching career as a home tutor and facilitator at the age of 21. After completing his graduation in 2006, he joined a CBSE affiliated boarding school as a teacher.

Teaching Methodology

After years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of students, Jha has adopted certain approaches while teaching, which include:

• Engaging students to put in their efforts – Without this, all teaching may be meaningless
• No need to bind the students in boundaries, it is better to seed some basic concepts and let them fly on their own. They have more dimensions of thought compared to us.
• Connect the syllabus with real life as much as possible so that it holds relevance for them rather than a mere duty to study.
• Create a mutual relationship with the student so that it develops two fold interests and allows communication of data.
• A teacher should enjoy their own lectures and only then can students enjoy
• Proper dressing and an apt mood is also needed for better output.

Jha loves teaching applied mathematics (calculus, co-ordinate geometry, trigonometry etc) because he has the free space to deal with the concept, relate things with real life, easier demonstration options, ample of data resources etc.Also, this part of mathematics is dealt with after 10th in CBSE, so maturity and dedication of students makes it more interesting.

The fear of Mathematics

Jha recounts the root causes behind the fear of mathematics in students as:

• In most cases, it is based on rumours that maths is tough to understand and score
• Lack of conceptual learning
• Need of analytical, practical approach
• Lack of connection with real life in learning and teaching
• Need of accuracy
• No space to utilize the application.

Challenges faced as a Mathematics Teacher

The recurring problem Jha sees in students is that students in higher classes are not clear about the basic concepts to begin with. Hence, they do not like to initiate problem-solving on their own. If they find any change or challenge in a problem, they want the answer from the teacher’s end rather than to try it and commit mistakes.

Calculators in classrooms

The use of calculators is not justified in a classroom says Jha. It should be prohibited because it kills the manual effort, accuracy of effort and reduces mental exercise. Also, after doing random calculations, students get confidence which can be reduced when using a calculator.

IB Board in Indian schools

The International Board has several positives, says Jha; which is why several schools are introducing this as an option.

• Global recognition
• Practical approach of time management and self-study
• Wider range of subjects with the great depth of knowledge
• Personal development

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