Piyush Tripathi – Principal Dhenuka International School,Rohtas Bihar

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Dhenuka International School located in Rohtas, Bihar is an upcoming CBSE/IB curriculum based co-eucational school in the vicinity of Sasaram town – a town of historical and mythological background. Piyush Tripathi has been the Principal since April 2018.

International schooling versus the Indian system

Tripathi says that international schooling stresses on virtual facts, paperless activities, virtual demonstrations, memory based practical sessions, whereas Indian schooling system is totally dependent on paper work and has developed itself at par with the global system by adopting modern scientific technologies and other methods of learning gadgets (smart board, web based learning technologies, online tutoring etc.)

Important aspects when hiring a teacher

The key attributes that Tripathi focuses on when hiring a teacher are:

• His/her mother tongue
• Communication skills in English language, annotations, and pronunciation.
• Depth in the subject knowledge
• Practical knowledge… ability to adopt…and knowledge of inter-disciplinary activities.
• His/her overall behaviour to change and accommodate the environment of my school.
• His/her attitude towards education system
• His/her availability to my organization

The role of Technology today

Technology has given us opportunity to reach beyond but also has curtailed our own growing efforts. Our teachers now don’t want to look for the challenges in the library rather seeks information on the .net that’s why the word ‘information’ has been reduced to ‘info’ which may also be an abbreviated form of infotainment. They are really informative and are relevant and keeps the children at a pace to probe into the subject matter and to the depth of the knowledge-world but the use of traditional text book and black board is also very important and significant in a classroom situation.

Without using textbooks one can’t explore the extent of the lesson which has a broader spectrum of linkages to different disciplines. For me, in the presence of technology one might not lose hope of traditional methods and a blend of both will surely make a happy and skilful learning.

School Address:
Dhenuka International School
Suara, Village:
Chakia,old GT Road,
Near Suara air base,
Dehri On Sone,
Rohtas Bihar, 821307