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Reshma Samnani is the Academic Coordinator at Presidency Indo International School, Thane (Maharashtra), a Cambridge Board coeducational school, offering day scholastic programs.

Becoming a Teacher

Samnani says – It looks like, I didn’t choose the profession, the destiny chose it for me.

I have been associated with this wonderful fraternity for thirteen years now. I joined teaching right after my graduation. At the time of my appointment, I was just like any other girl out of college. Was not very certain whether I was taking the right step by getting into teaching. But no sooner had I actually begun teaching than it dawned upon me that I really loved doing that! I cherished everything that came along with it- preparing teaching aids, planning activities for the children, sports days, annual concerts, making students sing or dance, motivating the bashful ones, managing the notorious ones, everything, just everything.

As a child, I was always inclined towards literature and Poetry. Decoding what the poet is trying to convey or what one literary piece has to offer to its audience is something that I love! In the process of unveiling the crux of literary masterpieces, I, too, ventured into writing. And I have realized how writing my thoughts down, in the form of a poem or a play or a skit gives me immense gratification. The state of tranquility that I experience when I write is indescribable.


Importance of teaching language and literature

Language is best mastered in the early years of an individual. Learning languages at the school level, not only benefits the pace of the teaching-learning process but also contributes greatly to the holistic development of a child which, in today’s world, is the need of the hour and the ultimate motto of educational institutions.

Literature is the reflection of the society that we breathe in. It mirrors individuals, values, morals, belief systems, rise and fall, virtues and vices, strengths and weaknesses, flaws and shortcomings; the list is inexhaustible. Because there’s never enough words to talk about life! In the same manner, there’s never enough words to describe literature. When a student studies literature, he/she is unknowingly getting armoured to face the life outside of the books, outside of the protective fortress they are living at present. They learn that moral, immoral, ethical, unethical, love, hatred, anger, envy, ambition, enemy, success, failure, etc. all are a part of human life. They learn that it is alright to not be ‘perfect’ until the efforts are put in the direction of becoming a better version of oneself with each passing day.

Challenges faced as an Academic Coordinator

One of the most challenging tasks is to deal with the parents. Today, the parents expect a lot from an educational institution. Trying to live up to that is, undoubtedly, a Herculean task.

Secondly, balancing the necessary firmness and the required softer approach is also imperative. You might be really agitated with something that your teacher or your student might have done, but you cannot be impulsive. You need to control your impulse and dig out from them what led them to a certain outcome.

And lastly, it is easy to communicate to the students what needs to be changed in their demeanour or approach. But doing the same to an adult, in this case, to a teacher, is tricky. So, asking teachers to do their job in a certain manner is certainly a challenge.

Being a Mentor

There’s a lot of emphasis on getting the best scores or the best grades. At times, the pressures that come with ‘Examination’ does drive a teacher away from the actual role that he/she would love to play which is of a mentor, of a facilitator. However, I believe God has created teachers with some special powers and that He keeps showering us with his special blessings due to which, somehow, in the end, we manage to balance our role as a teacher, a mentor and a guide!

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