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Armed with over 20 years of experience in the field of education, P.Kadhiresan is the current Director cum Principal of Altus International School, Chirala (Andhra Pradesh). With a career that started in 1997, Kadhiresan went on to become the founder Principal leading the team at INDIAN BLOSSOMS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL , ONGOLE for about 5 years. Later, he was appointed as Vice-Principal (2013-2017) with Peevees group of Schools, Saudi Arabia.

Kadhiresan is also the recipient of several awards, Bharat Shiksha Ratan Award from Global Achievers Foundation, New Delhi being one.

P.Kadhiresan in conversation with School magazine….

Advantages of an International programme over a traditional prep/secondary school curriculum in India

International Programme promotes independent learning, conceptual understanding, logical and analytical reasoning alongside the curricular knowledge.

Indian schools most commonly have been serving as a knowledge feeding institutions, assisting the child to compete with his peer in terms of scores and ranks.

International schools prepare the child to face the challenges in future, develop the skills in the children, thereby bringing holistic development.

With the world full of opportunities, most of the children in the Indian school system evolve with mere knowledge acquisition, wherein students from the International set up, develops understanding of the concepts, reasoning and practical application of the concepts.

Communication skills embedded with the usage of technically updated gadgets do play a vital role in the strategies adopted among the international and Indian school system.

Switching between International and Indian curriculums

Initially, children will have their major task of reaching the base line of the peer group learning curve. One child might be faster than the rest to conceptualize ideas, thoughts and expressions. The void in terms of communication, skills, problem solving, peer group interaction and contribution, methodologies / strategies adopted in one system to other create hurdles to the children in the transition phase.

On the Contrary, a child might also feel dejected for not being able to cope up with the pace of technology driven digital learning platforms.

Working with International Students

I was involved in an international school wherein the majority of the students were Indians. We did accommodate International students from Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Yemen etc. Our teaching fraternity also was handpicked across India, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia etc.
” The greatness in HUMAN BEING IS BEING HUMAN” was the school logo through the ages promoting universal brotherhood. Being secular, we stressed in the need for a heavenly world needless of borders, race, religion, language etc., through regular community programmes in the school.

Bharat Scouts & Guides, IAYP, trekking camps and social gatherings promoted cultural , socio economic tolerance amongst all the students.

Challenges faced as a school administrator

Parents come with a gamut of child-related issues and in totality blame the school along with the teachers for the non-performance of the child. Most parents come with the attitude of “They pay and so they demand” which is most challenging for the administrators in the school.

Also, seeking the apt teacher with right commitment is yet another challenge and even if we find one, sustaining becomes a herculean task.

School Contact Details:

PINCODE- 523 157

Email: principalaltus@cecc.co.in; kadhirp@yahoo.com
Mobile: +91 9492119781