Dr. S. Sujatha – Principal AKG Public School, Chennai

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Principal of AKG Public School, Chennai since April 2017, Dr. S. Sujatha holds a Ph.D degree and has over 17 years of experience in the field of education. AKG Public School, affiliated to CBSE board is a branch of the 53-year old Asian Memorial Sr. Sec. School and will send out its first batch of X standard students in 2019-20.

In conversation with Dr. S. Sujatha:

Hailing from a family of teachers, Sujatha says, ” I have been inspired by my mother who was the Vice Principal of Adarsh Vidyalaya- Royapettach – A very dedicated lady and sincere to her profession.”


Do your teachers like using newer mediums like Smartboard in classrooms versus the traditional textbook and blackboard?

The old timers do show a little resistance to technology as they have certain preconceived notions about technology while freshers as teachers are very receptive to smartboards as they are all well trained in computers.

More and more schools are introducing IB board as an option in schools – What do you think of this move?

Many schools are running IGCSE and IB boards parellely along with CBSE and ICSE Boards. The most challenging aspect of these are getting good teachers.

The kind of syllabus and teaching pedagogy is so different that unless teachers are extremely promising, it is very difficult to run these boards.


What is your opinion on coaching centres which are mainly focusing on preparing students for competitive exams? Are they redefining the education system in India?

I don’t much believe in Coaching Centres. But the parents must first decide if the child has an inclination and aptitude for such professional coaching to enter into Engineering or Medical or IIT. Personally I feel that child should be given a choice to decide whether to go for it or not and not the parent.

They are redefining the Education System by giving an exposure and a platform to sharpen the understanding of the students conceptually which is their objective. At the same time, they should not become too commercial to charge parents exorbitantly where charges are even more than the school fees.

How do you manage the overall demand for good teachers at your school, as supply remains an issue?

The secret of recruiting, retaining and motivating good teachers is that they should be well paid. Teachers tend to move on to other schools in want of few thousands.

If a school has to sustain good teachers, they only way out is to satisfy them. Only then, we can instill the sense of belonging and ownership in them.

Any advice you would like to give the students or parents today?

Always allow your children to pursue their dreams in any arena or in any field. All that they need to do in life is to “Learn to excel which is nothing but Success”. Every child is ‘Born to Win’.

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