Mrs. Chandramukhi Nishant Nikale – Asst. Head Mistress ,Colaba Municipal Secondary School ,Mumbai

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Located in Colaba area of Mumbai, Colaba Municipal Secondary School is an undertaking of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (BMC – Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) and hence provides free education for all. The school follows the State Board (SSC) in vernacular medium and has classes from 1 – XII. Mrs. Chandramukhi Nishant Nikale is the Asst. Head Mistress of the school.

Teaching and its Inspiration

Nikale says, “Teaching is a noble profession and from childhood I like it. It was my dream and my mother helps me a lot to achieve it because basically I belong the family where beside girls education and career, more importance given to marriage and family.”

School is a Reflection of its Headmaster

Classroom is the reflection of class teacher likewise school is the reflection of its headmaster. In Nikale’s opinion, teachers as well as students are always with full of energy – it just depends on headmaster, how he/she chooses to channelize their energy.

Innovative Teaching Methods

At Colaba Municipal Secondary School, different activities for children are organized according to the teacher’s creativity. For eg. to learn Maths chapters like profit and loss, addition, subtraction, a market day is celebrated where students have to go to a make-believe market and buy and sell things with play-money. When learning multiplication tables, teachers often give dance steps for table recitation.
By making children part of plays on various issues like having a plastic-free society, beti bachao beti padhao, cleanliness etc a sense of social awareness not only among the students but also among the parents is developed.
Government Aid

Being a BMC undertaking school, there is no school fees. It is free for all. The government also provides notebooks, uniform, pen, pencil etc all free of cost to students.

Challenges and Collective Problem-Solving

The key challenges faced by Nikale are dealing with student absenteeism and low cooperation from parents as the student are mostly from very low income backgrounds and do not want to take studies seriously.

Working and thinking as a group to solve problems at school, breaking groupism rampant amongst the teachers, motivating teachers to work differently for more efficiency and using audio-visual teaching aids in class are some of Nikale’s achievements.

Nikale concludes by saying that today it is most important to make students understand that education doesn’t mean having a degree, but the skill to apply it in day-to-day life. That is the main value-addition of education.

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