Gurmeet Kaur – Principal – Sunbeam English School, Bhagwanpur , Varanasi

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Established in 1972, Sunbeam English School, Bhagwanpur is a co-educational CBSE affiliated school based in Varanasi. The school is headed by Ms. Gurmeet Kaur who has been the Principal since 2009 and has been associated with the school for 22 years now.

What inspired you to enter the field of Education?

Teaching is one of the pious professions to date and is the only profession where no one can compel you to become corrupt. Teaching is interaction with new views, ideas, and challenges in the form of students. I chose to teach as my profession as I wanted to make a difference in the lives of as many students as I can.

I believe – ‘The Word Impossible says I M POSSIBLE’.

There were two inspirations in my life who highly influenced me in my life are my parents, second was my Class V Class Teacher, Mrs Assi. Their guidance, mentoring and the values they have inculcated in me, inspired me to take up teaching as a profession.

What is your opinion on teaching finance, leadership skills to students at an early age?

It’s a good idea to teach finance to students and the initiative by Government on Financial literacy is a welcome step. Leadership skill is and should be developed through student council, monitors etc. as these responsibilities when given, give students a chance to learn how to behave like leaders and also help increase their analytical, critical and interpersonal skills.

What you your thoughts on the importance of the multiple competitive exams children need to take today?

Talking about the popularity of these exams, you don’t ask your classmates – Are you writing an exam?, but ask – Which one are you taking?!

The age at which children can take talent searches or scholastic examinations only seems to be coming down, with organizations inducting it for students of primary classes too. Following requests from schools and parents, science Olympiad Foundation has introduced Science, Mathematics & English Olympiad this year for students of Class I.

Experts say while academics is part of life making children it for hours to study can take a fall on their childhood. Sensory learning is the best way to encourage children to study.

What factors can make a school in India at par with the best in the world?

The major factor which acts as a deterrent, is India’s economy and want of resources. Thus, project-oriented education system, which teaches us to apply or assign our learnt concepts in the practical domains, remains somewhat improbable. Rationalizing and analyzing, which are the chief ends of education, are decried.

Some concrete steps that can be taken are:

– Employing well-nigh qualified teachers and keeping tab on their individual development
– Regular updates regarding the best teaching methods practiced throughout the world will help
– Academic accreditation and rigorous annual evaluation of a school’s performance to monitor its holistic development is essential

Any closing thoughts?

The purpose of education is to serve humanity. Mother Teresa said the hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray. I love to be with young minds as it keeps me vibrant, lively and keeps me as curious as I was in the first day of this profession.

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