Dr. Raghuveer -Y.V. Principal -G.D. Goenka Public School, Patna

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An academician for last 25 years, Dr. Raghuveer Y.V. is the current Principal of CBSE-Senior secondary affiliated G.D. Goenka Public School based in Patna.

The journey so far…

Usually, people start and develop their teaching career from school to college. But I did the opposite for self-satisfaction. I was a ‘seasoned lecturer in life science’ in college education for the first 17 years. I was teaching intermediate to post graduation classes.

Being a rank holder (5th Rank) for the University of Mysore and having been worked as a dynamic lecturer for more than 15 years, I had an impression that students learn a lot from me! But when I ventured to school administration as a founder principal of a CBSE school, I realized that ‘I learnt a lot of things’ from children and their parents.

Being a lecturer at college versus being a school teacher

In colleges, we just teach and complete our portion of syllabus irrespective of student’s interest. But in schools, an inspiring teacher first needs to evoke interest among students and then, develop any lesson through engaging activities.

So, the actual teaching – learning process happens in schools through pedagogy and such a systematic approach doesn’t happen in colleges.

Advantages of an International program over a traditional school curriculum in India

Except for some lapses in the application oriented teaching-learning system in India, I don’t think there is much of advantage with just an international program. As per my personal experience going to a couple of schools at USA in the recent past, the objective questionnaire that used to be followed abroad is gradually getting replaced by descriptive questioning system like in India…!

We have 95% of Indians and 5% of international students. We have not come across any differences in the IQ among Indian and foreign students. However, the cultural differences are seen at some special occasions.

Switching Boards while in school

Especially from 5th standard and onwards when there is a change in curriculum, like state board syllabus to CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE / IB, children can grasp higher order thinking skills, learning by doing, right questioning and debatable abilities.

Exposure to competitive exams like NTSE and Olympiad Exams can help the students to manage from one stream to another stream.

Hiring and managing teachers

The teacher’s community is an extremely sensitive group of people. As long as they are respected and given some freedom and space to execute their work, they would work. Else, they hop from place to place hunting for these benefits apart from monetary benefits.

We even take up campus interviews in the reputed B.Ed colleges to get a fresh lot of ideas to our school children. Even though these fresh candidates are inexperienced in teaching, they learn required skills very fast and adapt to every school’s requirement!

We do a weekly scheduled program called TEBT (Teacher’s Evaluation Before Teachers). Each teacher performs on a lesson before their own section of teachers. There is a 10 point rubrics for marking the functionalities / progress / ignorance / mistakes done by the faculty, including a feasible penalty system. Thus, discipline is naturally maintained among teachers.

Contact details:

G D Goenka Public School,
Khagaul Road, New A G Colony,
R K Puram, Saguna More,
Danapur, Patna – 801 503.

Phone: 9448293879 / 7781004164
E-Mail: principal@gdgoenkapatna.com / raghuveeryv04@gmail.com
Website: http://gdgoenkapatna.com/