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Sunbeam School, Varuna, based in Varanasi is part of the Sunbeam Group of Education Institutions founded in 1972. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and has classes from Playgroup to Class XII. It follows the U.P. Govt. Fee Ordinance for schools. Anupama Mishra, Principal of Sunbeam School, Varuna, recently awarded the Re-think Progressive Principals of the year 2017, speaks to School magazine.

As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”, Anupama truly believes that only education can change the face of the world. Creating curious, confident and innovation driven students, empowerment of teachers and “change” is the driving force she works around.

Who inspired you to become a teacher?

Observing my grandma who had been a teacher in a Government Primary school, her dedication and commitment have inspired me to become an educator. Though now I am more engaged in Administrative jobs, I am a teacher from the core.

What are the 3 key challenges you face in your role as Principal?

a) Safety & security of students on campus.
b) Rat-race of securing marks – the kind of pressure, anxiety and stress we have burdened our students with.
c) Lack of passion and commitment of teachers for their classes and their engagement in various coaching institute outside the school campus is a major cause for degradation in the standards of classroom teaching.

How is important is teaching Finance at the school level?

Today’s young students face an overwhelming number of complex financial decisions. By including lessons on smart money habits early in their cognitive development, we can encourage them to save money, foster family conversations and empower students to be Stewards of their own financial futures.

What do you think of students attending coaching centres – are they helpful?

Coaching classes serve as a parallel system for students preparing for bond or competitive exams. The emergence of various coaching centres in the country is a redresal to the rise in a number of competitive exams, a student has to give in order to achieve his / her exam goals. It has become a necessity for everyone who needs that extra training to make the grade.

How effective are the new technology-based teaching tools versus the traditional chalk-and-duster?

According to my teachers, usage of newer mediums like smart-board and other audio-visual mediums in the classroom has definitely added a new dimension. As compared to the traditional chalk and duster approach, the use of technological aids caters to the multiple intelligences of the students in a much more concrete way, thus increasing the effectiveness of classroom delivery manifold. Besides, the students feel more connected and involved with what is being taught in the classroom.

Students learn better when they are able to visualize bookish concepts and see them happening before their eyes. Hence, learning with technology does have an upper hand over the old stream of learning.

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