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Allenhouse Public School, Ghaziabad, was started with a vision to offer a learning environment that has technological orientation, focus on improving individual potential and ability levels of all students. The institute works towards developing each student to have creativity, understanding, and compassion. Geetika Pant has been associated with the school for the last one and a half years as Information Communications and Technology Educator and works on various international collaborative programs for the school.

Geetika has about 11 years of experience in teaching CBSE and IB curriculum in many leading schools in Delhi NCR. She is an independent ICT consultant for many schools which presently include Allenhouse Public School Ghaziabad for ISA program of British Council, Wisdom Valley Global School Palwal and Surmount International School Gorakhpur.

Over the years Geetika has realized that teachers can offer a lot as far as technology is concerned and so she is working on making the subject a tool to discourage students from rote learning of the subject.

The curriculum designed by Geetika suits the need of the hour and collaborates with other subjects for an interdisciplinary approach. She, along with others, has identified courses and other tools to suit students of middle and senior classes and train teachers to help students.Students are given exposure to technology tools and are trained to participate in international technological forums.

On Curriculum and Classroom Assignments

Geetikafeels that since the curriculum is designed to be examination-oriented, students are being taught to score in examinations. But students should learn to apply whatever they have learned to design solutions and their innovativeness should be encouraged by the teachers.

Project-based learning is the ideal method to evaluate the students. Teachers should give assignments that are logical and check the understanding of the students than asking direct questions. Interest and logical thinking of students should be encouraged by making them work on arriving at solutions for open-ended questions than work on a particular tool of computer science. They should be ready to use any technology to get the solution.

Under-Representation of Girls in Stem Programs

According to Geetika, there is an increase in the number of girls working on STEM programs but a lot is yet to be done. It is the duty of teachers to encourage girls to take part in clubs and innovative teams. Factors such as learning technology, learning pedagogies, conditions, custom, and interest play a major role. The need of the hour is to have agencies that will help private and public organization to upgrade in the field of technology.

Future and Challenges of Computer Science Education

Computer science education has a bright future as the very concept of learning is changing and educationists and teachers are working hard to usher in better computer and technology-based education in classrooms. Students are much benefited and are constantly learning programs like Microsoft innovative students program, Google induced classrooms and collaborating classrooms.

The topmost challenges according to Geetika are the distraction for students from the subject of learning due to overexposure to technology. Upgradation of technology in schools and ICT teachers is yet another challenge.

To overcome these challenges, the teachers have to constantly upgrade themselves with new technology by means of different programs available online. Students should be encouraged to work on projects to learn better and apply the techniques they have learnt. It is also better if special workshops are conducted by teachers to make them tech savvy.

Geetika remembers SunandaSandhir (middle school) from Pathways School Noida who left a lasting impression on her teaching-learning process. Sandhir has always encouraged teachers to follow new technology for effective learning and she keeps herself constantly updated with the new technology and works on how students can benefit out of the same.

Geetika concludes by advising students to keep safe digitally, be aware of new technological advancements and to find out solutions with the help of technology.

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