Wee – The most Interactive and Engaging learning device for your child

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Give your pre-schooler a head start with this immersive learning experience

Profile pic-1Varsha Shinde – Co-Founder -Tinytapps

With the power of portable computing in the hands of everyone, the time has come to consider using tablets in preschool education. Presenting…The Wee tablet – a powerful tool that can create fundamental change in early education!!

Our Mission is to generate curiosity, foster skills development and promote constructive thinking!
Our Vision is to use technology to make learning accessible, fun and affordable.

Young children are ready and excited to develop skill and understanding language, mathematics, science and general awareness. The WEE Tablet is dedicated to promoting children’s early education. Early childhood education focuses on learning through play. In this phase, a child is not capable enough to absorb heavy theoretical subjects. But if fun activities and educational games have been incorporated, the child develops better learning power and knowledge. The focus is to allow children to learn at their own pace, gain a positive image of themselves as learners and to learn through trial and error.

The WEE TABLET is a developmentally appropriate tool for early learning. We believe that the best learning methods for this age group are play and activity based. The lessons are interactive and engaging, with simple verbal directions, appealing graphics and some great music.

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Three Levels of Themes and Activities
The WEE Tablet learning program is comprised of three learning levels, based on difficulty and gradual progress of a child from nursery to lower and upper kindergarten.

Level one includes fewer and easier commands and options.
Level two is primarily intended for learners who can understand and follow multiple commands with a greater number of options.
Level 3 graduates to help the child achieve tremendous confidence with all preschool concepts.

The field of early childhood education has made great strides in identifying the building blocks of later school success. The WEE Tablet uses these building blocks as the foundation for its philosophy. The WEE Tablet helps to interact with children in ways that promote development and learning, foster children’s learning competence, support children’s learning through play and creates rich environments for learning.

Varsha Shinde is the Co-Founder of Tinytapps Pvt. Ltd. For more information visit: www.thetinytapps.com and www.weetablet.com