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Voice Snap – an innovative provider of Voice based Solutions & Products

Voice snap

Voice Snap, an innovative niche technology company specializes in bringing unique solutions by combining Telephony, Voice Technologies, Web and Mobile Technologies with proven expertise in Business Process Engineering. Connect to Schools is one such flagship innovative product that has made a great impact in the market. This unique solution helps schools across India to connect parents by means of a comprehensive Voice based solution.

Simple to use
Every school that signs up is allocated a dedicated number. The pre-selected mobile numbers of senior school staff are configured in our servers. Whenever there is a need to send messages to parents, all they have to do is to dial the allocated number. The server will prompt and guide them to record their message. Once they confirm the message, the server will instantly dial out mobile numbers of parents and play the recorded message. If they are not ready to take the call, the server will try again after a prescribed interval. The parents can also give a missed call to the number to retrieve the message once again.
The school can log into a web portal and a dashboard will give a real time update of how many parents have received the message and listened to it fully or partially. There is also an advanced version of the solution. Dedicated phones are placed in the school staff rooms. Teachers can pick up the phone and dial and record short updates on the events in the class room or specific updates to parents on each subject. At the end of the school day, our servers will dial out to the parents and play the relevant messages for them. There is also an App supported version of the solution where school teachers and parents can download and use.

The only Voice Based platform that can provide full accessibility and traceability for schools
Completely overcoming Digital and Language Barrier in a simple and easy manner
Voice based communication helps build a strong bond between the school and parents and helps in providing a wholesome education
Anytime, Anywhere accessibility for school personnel to connect to parents on demand

Offered as a hosted platform model and can scale to handle any amount of volume of transactions.
No Capital expenses needed from the schools.
Remote implementation – No need to send programmers to schools or implement a system
Go Live in a matter of hours – No need for major user level training or set up time
Sales scalability – Demo can be given in minutes, very little training needed for sales

Ability to Overcome Challenges
Voice based system helps parents who do not understand English to also understand school messages as the schools an leave voice messages in any languages
Schools can leave messages any time from anywhere. All they need to do is to dial their dedicated number
No limits to the quantum of message.
Schools will have complete visibility of all communications with parents with assured delivery and traceability

Over 300 plus schools have taken this system across India.
More than 2 lakh students/parents covered by this system
Received media coverage across various media outlets as a welcome innovation in the area of School-Parent connect

Impact Potential
Green Impact – Reduce expensive paper circulars as a medium of communication
Societal Impact – Improve Parent- School partnership in the process of Education
Educational Impact – Helps Parents to assist school in holistic education
Rural Impact – Effective means to reach parents in Rural areas since it is in voice.

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