Vikas R S Giri – Physics Facilitator – Sanjay Ghodhawat International School, Kolhapur

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An electronics engineering graduate, Vikas R S Giri is currently working as a Physics Facilitator at Sanjay Ghodawat International School, Kolhapur, a boarding and day boarding school in Maharashtra.

At the School
At SGIS we offer the national curriculum Cambridge international curriculum and International Baccalaureate starting from this year. Its been almost one year of my association with this school.

Teaching Physics
Well I liked Physics and Mathematics during my school and university years. By its nature itself Physics is said to be study of nature. It’s the natural science of which maximum parts can be demonstrated or easily talked about to even a common person and that person can understand as well. So, its easier to teach as pupils can understand it. Easy to demonstrate most of things which is another advantage. And at the same time, it’s a challenging course which tests one’s comprehension and analytical skills.

Physics in daily life
Be it a gym, swimming pool,electricity, solar panels etc – from our childhood we see these things around us. When we go to a Physics class and learn about the same things with some new terms and calculations, it is obvious to rethink and apply certain equations. It’s a just that as a teacher, one needs to somehow relate in a most easy way the things which we learn in books and things we see around ourselves.

What I learnt as a teacher
I take four to five classes daily of students ranging from grades 9 to 12. Coming the teaching style, I would say only one thing that I have acquired over few years.What I learnt is to keep the teacher talk-time as less as possible in the class and make the students do the work as much as possible.

Challenges of teaching Physics
Pupils at times find it difficult when it comes to the extensive use of mathematics in the physics lessons. As we say Mathematics is the language of Physics, so a pupil needs to be at leastaverage in mathematics while doing a physics course. Students with a weak Maths base find it a bit difficult.
As a remedy, as a Physics teacher we try to incorporate some of the mathematical concepts in the physics class and work with the concerned mathematics teacher in our school.

Physics Laboratory
An ideal Physics department as per me is when I have a nice laboratory facility with all the modern-day instruments. Also, there must be a well-trained lab in charge who can take the role of the teacher in the laboratory.

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