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Offers digital and creative solutions to educational institutes

Provides institute management model, online entrance test practice, SSC board simulation & mobile app for parents to monitor child’s progress and many more…

Digi My School Team Picture

Tell us about your team briefly.
Currently, DigiMySchool is a family of five key members. Ashish Singh (CEO, BE CSE pursuing MBA-IB, IIFT-Delhi)
alongwith Jainish Jain (Marketing Lead, BE ME) are responsible for the marketing related issues. The technicalities of the product are looked after by Arun Gupta (CTO, BE CSE) and AkshaySathe (Product Head, BE ExTC). Supantho Bhattacharya (Creative Director, BE EE) manages the design and content related tasks.

What is the genesis of DigiMyClass? What is its USP?
Education which has always been the primary requirement for any human animal to grow to its full potential. But it has started to face several problems. One day a Principal of a renowned school in our locality asked for a simple software to manage their fees. So we started researching about several aspects of education which may be improved. Due to the increase in the pace of life, we found that gap between the parents and the schools/coaching institutes are increasing. The main reason for this neglected problem is the lack of time spent by both of them together. Most of the time, they are unable to meet and exchange fruitful talks about the child. This not only hampers the relationship between them but also damage the future of the child with a covert effect. Now the onus was on us to rectify this barrier. Thus, we at DigiMySchool came up with our android product, DigiMyClass, to fill up this gap and cater the prevalent problem in the field of education. We provide the classroom right in front of the parents where they can learn about their kids right on their smart phones. Be it in the board meetings or while on business tours, parents will no longer feel away from their kid and school. Not only this we also provide online educational support to the kids which no other can match. And all this at a fees that no one can even imagine (at less than INR 60* per month per student). We are at the service all the time.
*depends on the numbers of services availed.

Can you give us an overview on how does it work?
DigiMyClass is perfectly engineered product to cater the problems prevalent in the modern education system and the fast life of the parents. There has been a visible fissure in the communication between the schools and the parents. We transformed our idea into reality and intend to bridge up this gap.

Tell us about the journey so far?
When you start something new, something innovative, you have to show courage. The path will bring enormous confidence which works as the motivation during the hard times. The journey has been a very pacey one. We started in the February of this year, and so far we are accelerating towards the promise land. We have had challenges, which we have successfully overcome and expecting to upgrade our engine to bring more throttle to our vehicle.
Most of the parents aren’t comfortable with online teaching.How do you convince them?
Well this is one of the fads that we have designated to be the top seed. Firstly, we would like to point out that our mission is not to teach, but to bring efficiency in the process. Our country has blessed us all with “Guru Dronacharya” in every generation, and we do not even dream of replacing them. We feel take care of the things other than education, so that they can devote 100% of their energy for our bright ones. Secondly, we provide the bridge for the parents to interact with the school to know how is the progress of their child.
One of the most serious issues of this generation of parents is that both the parents are working for most of the students due to which most of the times they cannot show their parents in the PT meetings which generally occurs on the monthly basis. We help the parents to stay connected with the school, 24×7 through their smart phones. We bring the virtual reality right in their office. Moreover, we have ensured a proper demo season for our clients, their students and parents, to know about their concerns and address them accordingly. Only after the unanimous approval we move ahead. Apart from the basic purpose, we also provide educational support online through which the student can learn at his comfort and preferred time. We provide them with mock tests to help them triumph in the boards.

What is the attitude of schools towards online learning?How many schools have implemented your program?
As I stated before, we are still in our embryonic stage. We have already tied up few coaching institutions in Mumbai, and recently we reached double digit in our client list. These stats are enough for encouraging us to work harder. Seeing our success, the quality of services we provide and at a budget which any kid can afford using his pocket money, there are several schools who are already in talks and want to join us, one of them being a CBSE school. And we must admit, this is the healthy challenge which we always accept.

Did you get any breakthrough in any state/central government school system? If so, please share the experience with us.
Not yet, currently we are working with the coaching institutes along with few schools which are in progress.
How do you see the online education evolving in the next 10 years?
Our country is growing like a complain boy, and soon we shall be the greatest economy in the world. We have evolved in every field by accepting and implementing the best way of efficiency, that is, digitalisation. And, 10 years is a time where there will be a complete revolution in the field of education. With the advent of smart classes, our dream of digitalising the education is surely visible.

What is your advice for young entrepreneurs?
One has to admit, after the recent spell of recession, India is the strongest country to have bounce back quickly and efficiently. And this was only possible due to numerous entrepreneurs who were ready to the mundane ways of thinking to bring a healthy revolution. There will be challenges and questions will be raised, but never stop to answer them verbally, keep focus unaltered and reach for your goal. Your goal will invite those critics and will answer for you.

Anything else you want to share with our readers?
Magazines like School Unique Education Journal is an amazing collection of news from the world of education. The kids and parents along with the schools can reach to the epitome of success with a sense of positive competition which is created. We, at DigiMySchool, aim for the same so that we can bring the best for the future of this country. We dream for this digital revolution, and we will surely achieve it, together.
As told by Team DigiMySchool.

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