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EasyShiksha.Com is an endeavour of HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Limited which was started in the year 2012, with an aim to provide world class free education to students. Founder & CEO of EasyShiksha Mr. Sunil Sharma is a well – known name in North India e-Learning & Information Technology industry.

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Sunil also has good expertise in US Education industry CCS (Common Core Standard) and e-Learning concepts. Right now he is offering his services for Australia & US based educational portals as well to promote online education worldwide. Mr. Sunil hails from a rural family. In his early years of education, he noticed that the students are facing so many issues to get quality education. Though these students had good knowledge & thinking power, lack of good support and proper guidance became a hurdle for them to perform well in academics.

What is the idea behind EasyShiksha?
India is growing very fast in all sectors right now but still in education sector we have two big challenges –
1. Social Barriers – From my childhood and till now, I don’t see a big difference in educating a girl child. In rural parts of India, parents still hesitate to send a girl alone to a city for education. Be it a school, college or university.
2. Economical Barriers –Approx. 60% of talented students are facing problems due to insufficient funds for Higher education at good institutes.
To overcome these hurdles I have started

What does EasyShiksha aim to be in the educational landscape?
Our mission is to provide a free, world class education for anyone, anywhere…
It aims to explore in the field of education and become world leader in teaching, learning and technology. It is an integrated platform to provide benefits to students, faculties, universities and other educational institutes. Its mission is to provide information about best universities, colleges and institutes worldwide.
To develop future leaders, managers and entrepreneurs world-wide through:- World class online education, academic excellence, technology, outstanding online teaching & service, freedom of thoughts and expressions regardless of income or social status.
It provides a platform where students can search, register and enrol for different courses and certificates.

How does Easy Shiksha get connect with universities around the world?
EasyShiksha gets connected with universities through Campus Ambassador Program. In this program a student promotes his college or university and tell the other students about the benefit of enrolling in Easy Shiksha Online Education portal. This ambassador is responsible for organising the events and other workshops of Easy Shiksha in his college or university.
Apart from this, we have Enterprise panel for Universities to enrol with EasyShiksha for free and create a complete profile and update the details of all the courses and contact details so that students can explore about various University Courses, Placement information, other educational activities worldwide as EasyShiksha is a global portal to promote all the Schools/Colleges/Universities with worldwide students, parents, teachers etc.

Could you give some more details on the technology behind your online learning portal?
EasyShiksha has its own LMS (Learning Management System) for students, Enterprise Panel for Schools, Colleges and Universities, Admin to manage the institutes with all kind of responsive web portal to follow standards.
EasyShiksha also has an Android Mobile Application for it’s users to use and will soon be launching an iOS version of Mobile application to provide better access to students.

Please tell us about the career help program and how many have benefited by this option?
Career helper program tells you what type of occupation you should opt for which matches your interests, value and aspirations. It consists of mainly 4 types of tests which are IQ test, Basic test, Advance test and Psychometric test.
It tells the students about their strength and weakness on which they need to work on. Career guidance from the experts is also available where you can ask your queries. Thousands of students have benefitted from career help program.
Career helper is an attempt to map the competencies (The skills, knowledge, attitudes) of an individual to the desired/ required competencies. EasyShiksha has robot platform. Using this, students can judge his skills and after that generate an individual report. On the basis of this report, our counsellors guide them to choose best fields/streams for further education.

How has the growth been since launch and what are your future plans?
There has been huge growth since 2012. Right now it offers over 60 test categories which you can give online. Many courses have been added from worldwide in the field of IT, Animation, Arts, Law, Banking, Finance, Hospitality etc . Right now EasyShiksha is partnered with so many universities, colleges, schools & Institutes worldwide to offer Free Online Education.
EasyShiksha has played a major role as Online Media Partner in many events with Franchise India, Hitex Hyderabad, Times of India etc.
Future plans are to make Itreach worldwide and make more and more students enrol for Easy Shiksha and get benefitted out of it. Soon we are going to create World’s Largest Educational Community on EasyShiksha where everyone can share their ideas and discuss with others globally.

Even after a lot of optimism, online learning has failed to become a huge force till now. What do you think have been the reasons and how do you see the trend changing?
There are thousands of enrolments for the free courses and hardly 5 to 7 percent people are bothered to complete the registration. When it comes to volunteer participation people do not show their best in achieving that. In case of online learning, it can be successful if you are able to access it properly. Lack of access can be due to logical or economic reasons. This is a major issue in rural or where there are low socio- economic conditions. There should be minimum literacy in students and teachers to handle the computers and work successfully.
Some of the subjects like public learning and hygienic issues need practical hands on and students need regular motivation to excel in these subjects. Trend is changing from traditional learning to online learning. But in my point of view there should be a blend of both in learning.

What is your advice to the aspiring entrepreneurs?
First piece of advice is to challenge yourself daily so that you get the biggest motivation to do challenging things. Work only in which you truly believe in and can give your best. We do not know the result of the inputs which we put in to do any work, so take risks in order to succeed even if you face failures. Next piece of advice is always have a clear vision in your mind and make best of the effort to achieve the objectives which you want to achieve.

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