Sharmistha Acharya Mukherjee -Biology Educator- RBK International Academy, Mumbai

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Sharmistha Acharya Mukherjee, an educator with 8 years of work experience, is currently teaching IBDP- Environmental System and Societies at RBK International Academy, Chembur an IB world school located in Mumbai. She a mis also ember of the IBEN (The International Baccalaureate® educator network) working with the curriculum review team as a reviewer for Environmental systems and societies.

A typical classroom session
Sharmistha says – My day starts with lot of enthusiasm and fun. Students look forward to my energetic attitude and activity plans. My teaching comprises mostly of hands on activities in the form of puzzles, quizzes, videos, games, current topics discussions etc. students find it easy to connect and proactively participates into the generation of inquiry cycle. When children are not in a mood to study or do anything then I usually begin the class with a discussion on a very current topic of their choice that might be viral on the social media. So, automatically children become attentive and participative in further discussions. Thus, making the classroom environment different from the regular classes.

Developing international mindfulness
A lot of discussion based mainly on subject specific topics with claims and counter claims concludes into the development of International mindedness where in students show several attributes of the learner profiles (caring, open-minded etc). Students adapt and learn to accept all cultures.


IB Board prepares students for the future
IB is the only curriculum that caters to the holistic approach of learning that is based on conceptual understanding. Content is available everywhere. It’s just a click away these days. IB enhances the understanding of the students to such an extent that a student can himself understand and analyse that which content is correct and authentic that he searched on any search engine. If a child has the conceptual understanding then only can he do this analysis. Isn’t it?
The International Baccalaureate is well positioned to respond to the global challenges of the 21st century. As people increasingly wake up to what it’s going to take to compete in this new flat world, the IB is increasingly viewed as one of the best education systems to prepare young people for that future. Our programs are shaped around creating a better and more peaceful world with a core determination to develop students who can create this better world through intercultural understanding and respect.


Imbibing the love for Science
Science is a logical subject that works on facts. However, children inculcate interest in science from childhood. If the subject becomes monotonous with only theory, they find it challenging to remember or recall certain concepts .Thus, the playway method at times becomes handy. The experimental concepts inculcate inquiry in students which eventually develops interest in the science subject. Students who are critical thinkers actually love sciences. Students who have creative thinking do better in Humanities or Commerce subjects but the subject groups are so designed in IB that every child has to take one science subject at least. Thus,the non-science background students are given the option to go for trans disciplinary subjects like Environmental Systems and Societies to meet the subject group requirements.
Scientific knowledge allows us to develop new technologies, solve practical problems, and make informed decisions — both individually and collectively.

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