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Aims at enhancing academics, improving creativity, promoting problem solving skills and most importantly innovation

3D printing has been the crusader of technology in recent times. We live in an era of technological evolution, where every step we take brings us closer to the future. The students of our nation represent that future and hold enormous potential for developing it. 3Dexter has been conducting its annual curriculum in various schools producing some extraordinary results. It envisions this technology to be at the core of higher education and an enabler of innovation.

It also undertake the responsibility to assist educational institutions to develop 3D Modelling and Printing as a skill in young minds through curriculum-based setup.

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The Team: 3Dexter comprises of 7 school friends who had a dream of working together and cause ripples in the education sector. The idea was to promote experiential learning in the classrooms with the help of latest technologies. 3Dexter started with 7 people and has grown into a team of 24 enthusiastic educators. They invested the first 6 months in research and developed a comprehensive curriculum which is integrated with CBSE,ICSE and IB boards.This one of a kind curriculum offers teacher assistance as well and as subject integration.

When asked about the importance of 3D printing in the education sector and the impact of it he says,  3D printing makes learning immersive through sight and touch, which in turn helps the students to understand and recognise their concepts better. Students need to face the real life situations in order to win the highly competitive race of becoming the best.

3D printing gives us a chance to transform our imaginations into reality and the best place to utilise such power is to implement it at the grass root levels. For instance, a 3D printed catapult can teach the student concepts like projectile, kinetic energy and gravitational force.

When students get access to such models they are bound to learn things that their textbooks might not be able to teach.With the help of 3D printing students are open to creativity and formulate their own ways of learning.+

Program Model: Unlike other companies who are busy selling just the 3D Printers, 3Dexter has developed a programme that gives end to end solutions by providing 3D Printers, 3D Pens, raw material, our 3D printing curriculum and teachers who are experts in 3D Printing. With this, 3Dexter aims at enhancing academics, improving creativity, promoting problem solving skills and most importantly innovation.

When asked about their future plans, Mr Shantanu said, in the coming month they will be launching a new initiative named “Mission innovation” wherein 3Dexter will be shortlisting 100 schools across India, in which they will be providing free 3D Print-ing work shops to create awareness about the technology and its application. He confidently mentions that 3D Printing has the potential to revolu -tionise the classrooms and they aim at giving each and every young mind access to this futuristic technology. He adds, moreover, 3Dexter will soon be launching an online portal where people can upload and download 3D files and will have access to our online curriculum. This will be one of its kind portal in India and 3Dexter envisions to create a community with the help of this portal.

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