Shailendra C Kushwaha -Physics and Mathematics Teacher- Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai

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Shailendra C Kushwaha is the Physics facilitator for grade 9 to grade 12. (IBDP, MYP an IGCSE syllabus) at Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai. He has 15 years of teaching experience.

The inspiration to become a teacher

I started teaching students when I passed my High school. I always use to help students in my area and support in their academic learning. This passion of teaching and helping others was developing slowly and growing within me. During my graduation years, I met my Physics teacher, Mr. Venkatraman – He use to teach me solid state physics and I was so impressed with his style of teaching and his knowledge that I decided to devote my life to teaching career and be a teacher like him.

Being an IB teacher

We always align our teaching and plan as per IB philosophy. By various activities , debates and TOKs(Theory of knowledge) in regular teaching, we try our best to develop young minds to be creative so that they can gain knowledge and be open minded to other’s ideas, accept challenges and become a risk taker.

I also conduct a session on self-reflection of their own learning and how to keep balance between academics, co-curricular activities and be focused in today’s world where mind gets easily distracted.

Advantages of the IB Board

The most important skill which is developed in young minds is creativity and research skills. The curriculum is so rigorous that knowingly or unknowingly the skills will be developed in students and they realise it during their higher education program at university level.

The other important factor is that students become self-reliant and they study locally but think globally. We not only develop mind but develop the heart of students and make sensitive towards global issues through various CAS(community, Action and Service) programs. IB focuses on all around development of young minds and makes then independent and lifelong learners.The biggest difference between a national curriculum and IB curriculum is that Teachers are also learners here. We learn from each other and our students as much as they learn from us.


Professional development of teachers

I think it is very important for teachers because it make the teacher more efficient in understanding the curriculum and the best practices going around the world. It helps and empowers teachers to make teaching and learning more meaningful. The world is so dynamic that you have to keep pace with it else you might be left behind, so professional development is a must for teachers. It enhances our practices and helps us make the students learn better.

Overcoming the fear of a subject

Fear is human nature, fear will always be there, the question we should ask is – what are we doing to get rid of those fears. We as educators need to work at various strategies to remove those fears from the mind and heart of students.
I would recommend students to go through the process a subject demands and do self-reflection regularly.

Let me explain with an example – suppose a toy is been made in a factory and if the toy misses a single path and process through which it has to go, you will never have a finished product as it should be. Reading a book on “How to Swim?” will never help you unless you are into the water. So dive into the choice of your subject and you will be successful.

School contact details:
Ecole Mondiale World School
Gulmohur Cross Road No. 9,
Gulmohar Road, J.V.P.D. Scheme,
Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049
+91 9702449402.