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Santhosh, founder & director of is a professional speaker, entrepreneur and author. He has trained over 40,000 people across 44 institutions. He quit a thriving career in Google to pursue his passion for training and entrepreneurship.

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Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and how, when, and why you got involved in teaching English?
English language has fascinated me since childhood. I quit my job at Google very early in my career to explore the world. I usually work on gut-feel. During my exploratory journey, after I quit my job at Google, I experimented with training. One thing led to another and here I am. I don’t have a logical explanation to this.
But, there is a logical reason to why I started During my training sessions across the country, I realized that a lot of people couldn’t do justice to their potential simply because of poor English skills. I wanted to do my bit. Hence, I started the site and uploaded original content that helps people improve their English skills.

Tell us about your team briefly. started a one-man team. Today, we have Content writers, trainers, and designers. I believe in horses for courses. Depending on the requirement of the client, our trainers vary.

Can you give us an over view ofyour training programs and how do they work?
We have conducted various training programs. ‘Learn 1000 Words in 6 hours’ has been the most popular of the lot. ‘Learn 1000 Words in 6 hours’ is conducted for people of various age groups with adequate customization. The complete details of our training programs can be found on

What are your thoughts about the future of English teaching — trends, predictions?
With increasing internet penetration, online education is growing big. People increasingly depend on the internet (videos, online tutoring etc.,) to learn nuances of the language.

Most of the parents aren’t comfortable with online teaching. How do you convince them?What is the attitude of schools?
Yes, you are correct. Parents aren’t comfortable with online teaching. But they are beginning to understand the benefits of online learning. Schools have also started to warm up to this idea. They understand the economies of scale and effectiveness of online learning. Having said this, I have observed that the charm of physical teaching still remains intact. has become the most popular site — by far — in social media for English teachers and learners.  What are the major factors contributing to the success of your work?
One of the unique features about is teaching words, idioms, phrases etc., through contextual usage. People often ask us (our trainers during training sessions) about how to improve their vocabulary or fluency in the English language. One of the most important things we tell them is to learn the language with the context. Knowing the meaning of a word is one thing and understanding the word along with the context of usage is a completely different thing. All our articles our presented in the form of anecdotes or conversations so that readers don’t merely know the meaning; they also understand the context.

What are your future plans to expand your online work and what are your future plans in general?
We are working on a couple of ideas. Just completed the acquisition of my ventures MyGmat & MyGre. It has been many years since I took a vacation. I intend to take a break for a month or so to rejuvenate after which I would reveal the secret.

Any message for the budding entrepreneurs of India?
If you want to pursue entrepreneurship start at the earliest. In my opinion, 20s is the right time to start. With age, our propensity to try new things comes down.

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