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Provides free quality online education through videos to more than 1 lakh students
Received award from President Dr. Pranab Mukherjee on 22nd Jan 2016, New Delhi

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Tell us about yourself briefly.
I was born in a middle class Bengali family. I feel really blessed to have such encouraging and wonderful parents. They always motivated me to be good at everything I do. My mother, though she was a homemaker, but she always wanted us to do something good in life, in terms of career. I am married to Gopal Agarwal, who is an IT professional in Bangalore. His support and co-operation helped me to grow I have always been good in academics in school as well as college. I was the topper in my school, and was a Science merit Scholarship holder in College. I did my M.Sc in Physics from HansRaj college, Delhi University. After completing M.Sc, I joined Wipro which was a campus placement. I worked there for more than 3 years post which I joined Hewlett Packard (HP) where I worked as a Senior Quality Analyst for almost 3 years, and then finally resigned in 2014 to pursue my passion full-time. I think I could keep my parent’s expectations being good at whatever I did, be at school, college or workplace. I am currently working for my own venture ExamFear Education ( to provide quality education to students Free of cost.

What was the genesis of
I started creating ExamFear videos in 2011 out of my passion for teaching. I always had a passion for teaching. In fact, while I was in college, I used to get a lot of feedback from many including my friends, my niece and others that I teach really well. I could sense a huge scope of improvement in the teaching methods. Lack of good teachers & good schools with quality education in small towns prompted me to start with creating online video lessons so that I can reach all parts of the country. Quality education, at the same time is quite expensive which makes it unaffordable for many parents. Therefore, the motto was to provide Free education maintaining the quality. I could have taught a handful of students, had I been a school teacher. I wanted to reach the masses. I wanted to reach students in remote areas, I wanted to reach students who can’t afford expensive education, I wanted to reach the parents who want to guide their kids to help them learn. I knew Internet has solution to everything. An online platform was the best option to reach people.

What is your vision? How does it help students?
I aim to provide quality education to one and all irrespective of caste, creed, financial background & location. I believe that a teacher plays a very crucial role in a child’s life; therefore a good teacher can shape a better tomorrow. I think my efforts are having a direct impact on students. The comments on my YouTube channel shows the impact of on students.
setty chidrup 
i dint understand this topic many times , but i understood after watching this video thank you very much and a brilliant videoÿþ
sowjanya maggi
mam we from bottom of our heart owe you a lot…plz never stop educating us…..we love you ……and your teaching is more than awesome…I’ve already started telling my friends about this…….seriously i m having a great a experience from your web…..thanks a ton!!!ÿþ
arohi khan
these videos are really awesome ……………..very helpful ………….really removes the fear  before exams………………..
I plan to expand in terms of more videos on different Subjects & Classes. There are more than 4500 video lessons currently on Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology for Class 6 to 12. I also plan to translate these videos in regional languages so that it can bring a huge impact in the lives of thousands of students in the remote areas who are more proficient & comfortable with the regional languages. I aim to bring a change the way education is perceived in our country. Education should be learning –oriented and not exam-oriented.

What are the most significant challenges that you’ve had to overcome?
Time management was the biggest challenge during the initial years. Since I had been working with an IT company when I started ExamFear videos, so it was a tough task to find time for making these videos. I struggled the initial years spending all my weekends creating ExamFear videos, and a couple of hours at night on the weekdays. However, now that I have resigned my job at HP, I am full time dedicated to ExamFear creating videos and trying to make it bigger and better.

What do you think online platforms like will have to do to show schools that online help isn’t a threat but more of a supplement to learning?
There always exists the two sides of a coin. So does the good & bad of the Internet. When it comes to the online educational platforms, yes, of course they act as supplementary materials to learn for students. The resources available online help children to think out of the box, innovate & explore. Online websites like are accessible for students 24/7. They can learn things at their own pace. They can study independently.

How quickly do new lessons get posted on, and how do you stay up-to-date with all the boards? 
I upload new lesson almost every day on The contents are created primarily based on the CBSE syllabus. However, the content is extremely beneficial for students of other Boards also to get better understanding of the basic concepts.

Can you share a stand-out success story from your videos?
There are numerous success stories of I would highlight a few of them in their own words:
Shreya Mehta
Hi ma’am, i have studied physics in class 12th only on ur channel, n without any kind of tuition n got 96% in my boards. Its all just because of ur selfless and commendable hardwork. I give whole credit for my getting into a prestigious college to you. Hope many others would get benefit from dis. U hv a wonderful way of teaching. Hats off to u 🙂
I am extremely glad to tell that I scored 86 in chem and 83 in physics in my board exams only because of examfear.U guys saved me .U are the new god of worldÿþ
Abu Talha
I scored 98 in my physics exam because of you!!! u just rockÿþ
Manoj Kumar
Jul 12th, 10:42am
Im so thankful to you … pls continue this for free . Bcoz of this website my frnd cracked mbbs entrance after 6 years … to accomplish his dream … his dream got hope after seeing this website
Athul Toms Augustine
all my success in class 11 and class 12 is due to you. Now I’m doing my B.Tech in NIT Surathkal, Karnataka. You guys are the best. thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

What are you anticipating as the future of online education?
Online education provides independence to children to learn in their own way. People belonging to different age groups can learn anything they want to using online resources. Children can learn at their own pace & convenience and enjoy real learning. Education is all about learning new things every day.

Any advice to our readers?
Education is learning new things every day. Education should never be exam oriented; rather learning oriented. Do not stop learning; do not miss the fun of learning for the fear of exams. Why Fear, when ExamFear is here? Enjoy learning!