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Richa Yadav, the current Principal of ICSE-based Sardar Patel Public School, located in Kanpur, began her journey in the education industry in 2010 as a facilitator.

Purpose of education
Only placing the student in good job is not the purpose of education, says Richa Yadav. Education implies all round development of the student from mentally to emotionally. It is only education which helps us to differentiate between urgent and important. We are actually redefining the education in school with the pre-primary and primary students. We are making self-made students. In schools, we teach how to think not what to think. It is they who decide what they want to do and think.

Technology in teaching
I personally have a very good experience when I have introduced new pattern of learning where there is more performing and less coping. Teachers are also interested to do the process of teaching and learning with all new techniques. So , the collective feedback from my teachers over new learning medium and traditional textbook and blackboard medium is both are good but the new method is more effective and long lasting because it leaves an impression on the mind of the students. Yes, students are excited to work with keys, because half of the lining and designing work became very easy with the help of keyboard.

Being a teacher
The only thing that acts as hindrance to enjoy the pleasure of being a teacher is the amount payable. Also, teachers’ are over-burdened in the new scenario of education. Remuneration need to be fixed as per the grade and scale of teachers to boost their confidence.

Recruiting and retaining good teachers
It is a hard task to recruit bright teacher in today’s scenario because of several reasons, but yes it is not impossible to have bright teachers. Bright teachers can be retained by maintaining good standard of salary and healthy respectful working atmosphere. Other allowances need to be paid for the extra administrative work. Teacher’s appraisal is a very good practice to appreciate good traits of teachers. It also inspires other to perform and improve them.

A day in the life of a Principal
Every day is a new day with “N” numbers of challenges from students, teachers and parents to divert the daily work schedule. Being a school head, in the morning – I sit for 10 to 15 minutes alone to prioritise the work flow and plan the day and I firmly try to stick to the plan throughout the day and at the end of the day, I go over the list and carry forward the pending jobs to the work plan for the next day.

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