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India’s best parenting blog giving information about latest child friendly products, services, books, apps, travel destinations etc.

Mansi Zaveri, winner of the Digital Women in Disruption 2015 and Founder & CEO of India’s Largest Digital Platform for Parents

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Based out of Mumbai, this mom of two took no time in combining her passion for the digital medium and her parenting journey to become an entrepreneur leaving behind her corporate life to start helping parents make informed decisions.

With over 200,000 fans across social media platforms, Mansi is the voice of the new age parent who has seamlessly integrated her lifestyle with that of her kids. With a whole lot of passion and hard work she has built into an enormously successful brand and a trusted voice among half million parents in India.
Kidsstoppress, founded by Ms. Mansi Zaveri in the year 2011, is a video platform that connects parents to the external world. She is considered the “first parenting blogger” and contributes to many leading webzines such as Huffington Post.

Primary Focus of the Platform
· A video platform to connect parents to services and to anything the parents want to know right from when the child is 0 years or from the moment they are expecting up to 10 years.
· Anything from school issues, extra-curricular issues, or parenting issues are covered in Kidsstoppress.
· “Four years ago, I didn’t see any one unifying platform that connect the parents really well with what is happening around the city or in the city for their children.”
· It was then that she thought that it was a perfect platform to start.
· “Since the world is moving towards digital, I thought of this one unifying platform that will help parents connect better.”
· Focus on getting parents know what goes into the process of the present setup.
Response from Parents
· “Parents actually love the platform because they understand that this is one platform that is going to give creative information.”
· “We focus a lot on 3 key pillars for tuition, that is learn, explore, and share because we believe that maximum learnings happen with exploration and that is what we focus on.”
· It creates activities that will be important and help in the learning of children.

Kidsstoppress also comes up with video reviews of games. Ms. Zaveri points out:
· “There is no one platform that tells you about all the new games that come out in the Indian market.”
· All the games shown in YouTube are international ones and not the ones made in India.
Also Kidsstoppress talks about unique reviews and recipes.
“Indian parents are looking for healthy nutritious meals for their children and that is what we give them. We do lots of interviews.”

The platform also talks about women diversity and jobs for women after taking a career break and financial planning for parents on how they should plan their finances for their children. If a parent wants his child to focus on competitive sports, he must know what the parent or child’s journey for doing that would be.
She envisions Kidsstoppress being one single unifying platform for everything a parent would need. They have also won a few awards including one for best blog award in 2014 and Women in Disruption award in 2015.
Ms. Zaveri says, “I am very happy we actually won the awards because when you finally win something, it is always the biggest, right?”

Ms. Zaveri goes on to say, “Parenting is a really tough journey … but it is really nice to have a platform.”
She concludes that the platform helps parents’ needs to make informed choices and add somethings that will make parents keep coming back to Kidsstoppress. The space is dynamic and full of fun and makes one feel this is the place he would want to be at.

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