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The Next Generation, Innovative & Integrated Education Technology Service Provider

Winner of 3 National & 2 International Education Excellence Awards – 2016
Winner of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – School Initiatives – 2019



Bringing Quality English Enrichment Program to Every Child

Driven by its Vision of Empowering and Enriching every student and teacher beyond the classroom, the aim of Karthik’s company is to ensure that today’s students can read, write and speak excellent English.

  • Laz Digital Learning Pvt Ltd – Is an Award winning Authorized Indian Partner for
  • Learning A-Z – Cambium Learning Technologies – USA
  • Learning A-Z is an Education Company Based out of Tucson, Arizona, USA having its Global Presence in 180+ Countries World Wide and listed ABCD in NASDAQ
  • Learning A-Z has won Lot of Awards and recognition in the Field of Education for last 2 Decades


We are pleased to announce that LAZ DIGITAL LEARNING PVT LTD has also received the most prestigious awards in 2019, NATIONAL SWACHHATA SUMMIT – 2019 – For Cleanliness Initiatives at Schools.

The company was honored on National Level by CSR Times Forum in association with Indian Achievers Forum in these Award Categories.

The Fact that we are the most recognized company again in 2019 speaks volumes of our commitment to constantly improve and update our products and services. We are especially pleased to see that our products RAZ PLUS, SCIENCE A-Z, Writing A-Z, Vocabulary A-Z and KIDS A-Z – all winning awards in multiple categories, speaks about the flexibility of our products and the robust collection of resources they offer.



We are available 24 x 7 @ Multiple Locations (Currently available in Karnataka & Tamil Nadu &Telangana)

In the months following, look out for LAZ DIGITAL Centers near you. We are launching our fleet of offices in 5 more locations, including semi urban and urban cities PAN INDIA.

Our web based products supports a wide variety of instruction for pre-k- 12 teachers and students as well as practice opportunities within and outside the classroom. With a Blended Learning Approach that includes both digital and printed materials, we are focused on developing career and college ready skills. We also provide cost effective, time saving resources to help teachers to differentiate instruction while building strong literacy foundation.

Why is LAZ DIGITAL’s work so important?

The Answer is twofold: One, the growing importance of English as the preferred language of communication in business and trade globally.

Two, several surveys conducted by NGO’s and other bodies in India pointing to lack of quality education in the country especially for the graduates passing out and employability upon graduation.

8 Crore graduates pass out every year in India: Only 7.8 % of the passing out get Jobs -Source: Wall Street Journal
94% Engineering graduates passing out are not fit to be hired: Due to poor language and communication skills – Source: Times of India

As borders between countries gradually fade in terms of trade and commerce, English is becoming more the language of choice for international communication. This has put a premium on fluency in the language, and communication in English has become a pre-requisite in getting almost any well-paying job. Today, most parents want to send their children to English Medium Schools. This has led to the establishment of more and more English medium schools in the country. For instance, more than 11000 schools registered as English Medium schools in Gujarat in 2014, while there is a proposal to establish more than 12500 English Medium schools in Odisha. While in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu the demand for CBSE and English Medium School is increasing.

The Importance of English Enrichment Program: Addressing the Demand-Supply Gap

Despite the importance of English language, the desire of parents to send their children to English Medium Schools and the growing number of English Medium Schools mushrooming across the country to cater this demand; the fact remains that the standard of instruction is quite dismal. According to the surveys done by McKinsey and many more companies, half the children in the country who are in Class 5 cannot read Class 2 material, while 75 percent of Indian technical graduates and 85 percent of general graduates are unemployable due to their lack of proficiency in the language and command in English. It is this gap, between the demand and supply, and the lack of quality in instruction, which LAZ DIGITAL intends to address with its unique and innovative learning material and approach.


Lit Skills – provides literacy-focused PreK-12 resources for instruction and practice by differentiating instruction through blended learning. We offer an array of online resources that help teachers support every student at every learning level using our extensive resources with unmatched value. We help develop the 21st century skills the students need to succeed in the classroom today and workplace tomorrow, creating brighter futures.

We provide award-winning resources that empower teachers to create amazing learning solutions – hence empowering teachers and inspiring students.


Our affordable resources empower teachers to have a greater impact and personalize instruction.


We believe that teachers know their students best. We also believe that when given the right resources to inform and deliver effective differentiated instruction, every student benefits. With an extensive collection of incredibly powerful and flexible curriculum resources, our products fill the gaps identified in various learning environments. Without limiting their creativity, innovation, or individuality, we help teachers to provide the impactful instruction their students need to thrive.


Our resources are Created for Teachers by Teachers, Leveled for Personalized Instruction, and Digitally Deliverable for Anywhere, Anytime Access.


We believe that a vast collection of high-quality curriculum resources should be affordable enough for every school and every classroom. Nowhere else you will find such an extensive collection of research-based learning resources at such an affordable price. Delivered entirely online, our resources save valuable instruction time, support differentiated learning, and save money for schools and districts compared to traditional print and competing education technology providers.

All resources are designed to deliver results, focus professional development and support personalized learning with progress monitoring and reporting.


We believe that every child deserves an instructional path that works best for him/her. With a library of meticulously differentiated learning materials and eLearning tools, our products provide the assessment, instruction, and practice students require. By combining reading and writing with many other 21st century skills, our resources give students the tools they need in the classroom today and in the workplace tomorrow, all with Personalized Learning, Interactive eLearning Assessments and Reporting.


Parents are child’s first teacher. We believe that education is more impactful when parents remain an integral part of their child’s day-to-day learning. With a suite of easily accessible, digitally delivered resources and parental login features, parents have the ability to participate in their child’s learning and monitor progress at their discretion.

We provide School-to-Home Connection and also keep parents in loop with their Child’s progress via digital reporting.


Blended learning is becoming more and more common in today’s classrooms and requires a rich array of resources for both traditional and technology-based instruction. Our products allow teachers to deliver the right blend of instruction, using varied printable, projectable, digital, and mobile platform resources designed to make differentiated instruction easier than ever.


We are committed to supporting educators by providing high-quality curriculum resources that target the skills, strategies, and points of emphasis associated with various curriculum, state, national and international standards. Our products are designed to save teachers’ time in the implementation of new rigorous standards and deliver the tools they need to ensure students progress each year.


Our resources help teachers implement rigorous state and common core standards. We offer dynamic content and teaching resources aligned to a number of various curriculum standards.

As science and technology forces classrooms to change, LAZ DIGITAL is at the forefront of leading the transition. All over the world, Computers and Information Technology are becoming increasingly common in teaching tools; while projectors, digital labs, TABS and interactive whiteboards are transforming the face of classroom education. LAZ DIGITAL has been quick to grasp the nature of this transition and anticipate the future by Empowering Teachers and Enriching Students. LAZ DIGITAL has entered into a tie-up with Learning A-Z, among the largest Education software services companies in the United States of America, to create Digital Labs in schools that act as a complete learning resource.

The RAZ PLUS Product

The RAZ PLUS Product which is among the most popular offerings of the Company has been known to cut down teacher’s preparation time by 70% while improving teaching skills and class effectiveness to 90%. This comes in the time where all the schools across India are looking into Reading Programs and Content for Library and Reading.

Raz plus not only focuses on Teacher student Entity, it also provides multiple activity resources for complete English language skill development. Headsprout, Raz plus, Science A-Z or Writing A-Z, every resource has its own unique feature and unique approach towards a child’s learning mind. All the resources are structured in a way that any child who reads at least for 20 minutes a day shows a noticeable improvement in 10 days.

And all of this comes at a very reasonable price, allowing students to learn from a wide range of resources available to them at competitive rates and special pricing.

Our Elite School Clients Are:

  1. Schram Academy – Chennai – Tamil Nadu
  2. Velammal Education Institutions – Tamil Nadu (11 Schools)
  3. Oberoi International School – Mumbai – Maharashtra
  4. American School of Bombay – Mumbai – Maharashtra
  5. Sreenidhi International School – Hyderabad – Telangana
  6. Lead India Foundation – Mumbai – Maharashtra
  7. Indus International & Early Learning Center – Bangalore – Karnataka
  8. Inventure Academy – Bangalore – Karnataka
  9. Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Golden Jubilee School, Tirunelveli


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