Dolly Sirohi – Geography Facilitator – Northfields International School, Mauritius

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Dolly Sirohi is a Geography Facilitator, IB-MYP/A Level/IBDPat Northfields International School, based in Mapou, Mauritius. Established in 2001, Northfields International School consists of a Prep school, Middle Year Program, Cambridge International and International Baccalaureate Diploma program.

Education System in Mauritius

The instructive framework in Mauritius is to a great extent dependent on the British educational systems arranged into 4 fundamental areas pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary. There are government run schools and private supported schools. The administration of Mauritius gives free educations to its citizens up to tertiary level. The fundamental distinction between the National Curriculum (India and Mauritius) and International Baccalaureate is that it doesn’t concentrate on the substance rather enormous accentuation is given on creating pioneers for 21st century through inventiveness, innovation, coordinated effort, correspondence and international mindedness.

Like most teachers, I am in charge of arranging – making exercise plans custom-fitted to understudy dimension of subjective capacity and intrigue which help with assessing student’s performance. It is most compensating when teachers can truly have any kind of effect in student’s life.


Social Science is fundamentally an interdisciplinary subject which trains us about individuals as social creatures as they have existed and associated with one another and the earth.

Geography is a different subject which rotates around the inquiries” Where” and “Why”. It is exceptionally fascinating subject and I for one feel that it is the duty of teachers to procure learning of the investigated discoveries in their fields and utilize this information to elevate their subject to students.

I would prescribe students to peruse and watch geographical documentaries to awaken an interest for the subject.

Career Options

Contemplating Geography builds up your systematic and relational abilities and your capacity to assess information. Like other sociology graduates, you have a wide scope of professions open to you, however you might be especially attracted to zones, for example, ecological arranging, wellbeing, legislative issues and International relations. There is expansive scope of professions open for Geography Graduates. Most significant is Geography students will in general be liberal and intrigued by their general surroundings which empowers characteristics that are alluring to managers especially if you are working for an international organisation.

Learning to Teach

I trust the best development inspires teachers when they invest loads of energy in classrooms and schools — attending, learning, witnessing, planning, and teaching alongside experienced and passionate teachers. Focus ought to be more on long term connections between a student and teacher.

Authentic action research conducted in real classrooms helped me evolve as a teacher alongside students. My first groups of students helped teach me how to teach effectively—in many ways my training was on-the-job, trial-and-error work with adolescents. As I experienced and grew up the ladder – today I see myself as a person with capacities to support the quest for scholastic desires for students

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