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The Next Generation Innovative & Integrated Education Technology Service Provider

Winner of 3 National & 2 International Education Excellence Awards

Making It the Most Recognized Company in 2016

We are pleased to announce that Ayon has received the most prestigious Awards in 2016. The company was honoured on National Level by Indian Achievers Forum and  Indo- American Chamber of Commerce in these Award categories:

        • Best Innovative Integrated Education Service Provider of the Year – 2016
          (National Award)
        • Economic Development Award for Business Leadership – 2016
          National Award – Educational Excellence
        • International Achievers Award – 2016
          (Awarded in USA)
        • Indo-US Business Excellence Award – 2016
          For Best Business Practices in the Field of Education Excellence – USA
        • Dr Karthik Narayanan CEO & Founder was honoured with
          Young Entrepreneur Award 2016 for Educational Excellence

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Our Customers

  • PSchools students, college students, job seekers, classroom teachers and administrators responsible for instruction
  • POver all any English Language Learner is our customer We cater to specific students & teachers needs
  • POur resources are currently used in nearly 180 countries worldwide and by over 3.5 Million students
  • POur products specially KIDS A-Z saw a huge demand from individual language learners from all over India
  • PWe are happy to announce that our world-renowned Literacy program KIDS A-Z in now available for everyone

The fact that we are the most recognized company again in 2016 speaks volumes to our commitment to constantly improve and update our products and services.
We are especially pleased to see that our products Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids, Headsprout, and Science A-Z, Kids A-Z all winning awards in multiple categories, speaks to the flexibility of our products and the robust collection of resources they offer.

We are available in 4 locations
Bangalore, Mysore, Coimbatore and Tiruvannamalai
In the coming months, lookout for our offices in locations near you. We are launching our offices in 12 more locations including semi-urban and urban cities PAN India.

Our Web-based products support a wide variety of instruction for Pre-K-12 teachers and students as well as practice opportunities within and outside the classroom. With a blended approach that includes both digital and printed materials, we are focused on developing career and college-ready skills. In essence, we provide cost-effective, time-saving resources to help teachers to differentiate instruction while building strong literacy foundations.

We Believe
We have a handful of core beliefs that we feel, set us apart from others in today’s marketplace. First, we believe in an expanded notion of value. Value, to us, means that a vast collection of resources, all research-based and of the highest quality, should be affordable enough for every individual classroom. In addition, everything should be easy to access, from home or in the classroom, to save teachers time.


We also believe that every child deserves an instructional path that works best for them. Our leveled readers and resources are meticulously differentiated using a proprietary algorithm to accurately determine text level difficulty on over a dozen difficulty factors. Using our text leveling tool, we can create resources of gradually increased complexity. It is also important that our websites are dynamic, meaning that we constantly strive to expand and enhance the existing resource collections with other resources that address current information and pedagogy.


Lastly, we believe in teachers. If literacy is the foundation to learning, teachers are the masters of instruction. We don’t tell teachers to do it our way—we help them do it their way. Whether used with a single child or an entire class, our flexible resources empower teachers to deliver engaging and effective instruction.
A good teacher will always be the most important component to student learning, but technology will only help the teacher to be more effective. We believe in a blended approach to learning; recognizing that there is a place for whole group, small group and individualized instruction delivered electronically.

This is why Ayon provides a rich array of resources for different instructional approaches and delivery formats.
Engaging, intuitive, informational are just a few of the words used to express the benefits of the Reading Solution through AYON.

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The Reading Solution includes both Reading A-Z and RAZ Kids, and as an added benefit, you get Vocabulary A-Z included at no extra charge. These multiple award winning comprehensive and affordable collections for K-12 provide thousands of online, printable books, with new ones added monthly. There’s even a built-in management tool for teachers!

Learners using KIDS A-Z log in to an eLearning environment designed to keep them motivated and engaged as they practice and develop reading skills each day. The online environment makes it easy for students to access texts available at their reading level and provides digital reports and insights that help teachers drive future instruction.

The On Your Own Book Room is a digital library where students can select the developmentally appropriate titles they want to read at their own pace. Each book provides opportunities for students to listen to the book read aloud, read at their own pace using annotation and vocabulary-building tools and features to promote critical thinking and close reading, and record themselves reading the book to demonstrate fluency.

Each eBook a student reads is followed by a corresponding comprehension quiz that includes a set of multiple-choice questions, as well as a constructed response question focused on the main theme or idea in the book. Each question is tagged to a corresponding comprehension skill, as well as aligned to CCSS standards. When the student completes the quiz, a digital reading skill report is instantly available for review.

Virtual teachers assigns a self-paced book level assignment or creating a custom assignment. They can also review reports, listen to student recordings, and send messages to their students.

Students receive stars for successfully completing reading assignments and self- selected titles. These stars can then be redeemed in the Kids A-Z Star Zone, where kids can customize their own Raz Rocket or create a personal robot avatar.

All student eLearning activity is tracked and reported to teachers. Access is also available for parents, they can see and send messages to students. They can view the progress of the students, assignment and assessment given by the teacher.

Created for Teachers by Teachers
Many of our company leaders and product specialists are former teachers and we rely heavily on the input and creative talents of hundreds of active and former teachers to create our resources.

Levelled Teaching Materials for Personalized Instruction
With thousands of levelled resources in multiple formats and content covering multiple areas, our products support teachers in delivering effective, personalized instruction.

Digital Delivery for Anywhere, Anytime Access
Delivered entirely online, our resources can be printed, projected, and used online by teachers and students in the classroom, at home, or on the go — saving teachers valuable preparation time.

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