Amit Singh Negi – Institute of Advanced Robotics, Uttarakhand

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Mr. Amit Singh Negi is the director of Institute of  Advanced Robotics. He told us about his Institute,
the projects they are working on, involvement of students and the importance of Robotics.


Excerpts from the interview
Institute of Advanced Robotics is a scientific Research & Development Robotics/Practical Education, humanoid robot development and training Company. It is founded to provide professional services with Practical and Technical skills by Summer, Winter and other training programs along with certification in different technologies like PRACTICAL EDUCATION, MECHATRONICS, ROBOTICS/PRACTICAL EDUCATION, ADVANCED ROBOTICS/PRACTICAL EDUCATION, RESEARCH PROJECT TRAINING, HUMANOID ROBOTICS/PRACTICAL EDUCATION, PCB and CIRCUIT DESIGN, EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, PLC, CNC, ALL SOFTWARE TRAININGS etc. It helps to increase the quality of technical graduates and enhances their placement activity.

IAR also provides the training and industrial visits for Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Automobile and Aeronautical Engineering students. It’s a team of professional engineers, researchers working in the field of Advance robots, Artificial intelligence, Fuel technology and Practical education. IAR’s vision is to enhance the TECHNICAL SKILLS to industry standards by imparting Advance & High quality Technical Education and Training.It’s mission is to improve technical as well as industrial skills to move you ahead in this era of high-tech world. It offers education with latest methodology to cater to the needs of the industry.It provides professional education merging with corporate culture globally to the youth through technology resourcing and knowledge consulting with emerging technologies. Quality assurance parameters for each stage of training and development are ensured at all levels.

To name a few projects which they are working on are:
1. Fuel and power research Projects
2. Embedded and electronic product development
3. Industrial Projects

When asked about the importance of practical learning, Mr. Negi opinionates that, Theory provides the basic knowledge for any subject we learn. Though, having theoretical knowledge is important, practical education is more helpful in our real life. You have to actually see the concept in play to completely understand it. Aside from improving learning, practical training helps you acquire the specific techniques that will become relevant when you start working in your chosen field. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, and incorporating practical skills into your studies is proven to help you learn better, gain a better understanding of the workforce, and even gain employment! With practical training you get hands-on experience of the day-to-day work in your chosen career. Practical experience helps you get in touch with the right employers and create contacts and networks that can help you land your dream role.

About Involvement of students in IAR’s projects:
“We help students to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical learning by providing them in depth knowledge of various machines. We invite students to work upon the best and latest technologies in the ever fast changing world and also train students on various modules in engineering disciplines. We believe in extensive full depth training to the students, on the practical projects they want to work upon as per their choice. We provide real time projects which the students work and learn the various parts involved in the building of robots.”
He feels that It’s a serious concern that many people are wary about robots. In his belief, it depends on how we convince people that robots can help us. He confidently says that it will definitely reduce our physical work if we collaborate with them. People are wary of robots because they don’t have a clear idea about the positive side of robotic technology. The younger generation need to be educated and trained with robotic technology. It will help us in accepting robotics in a positive way.

When discussed about India’s position in Robotic market compared with other industrial nations, he points out that So many factors come in count with this trend. In India, Robotic technology has entered into different areas of technology such as industrial automation, aeronautical, looming etc. Robotic technology and automation has the ability to change the industrial scenario. It’s a myth that robotics can be helpful for only businesses with huge investments. The trend has changed now. This was true years ago, now with easy programming methods and user friendly robots, it is easier to justify the use of a robot in a small or medium sized enterprise. Man power will definitely get effected by the loss of jobs but in long run it will help the business in cutting down the cost of investments.
List of industries that lead the way in the use of robots: Advertising, Aerospace, Agriculture, Air Transportation, Auto, Biotechnology, Chemical, Communications, Computer, Construction, Education, Electronics, Energy, Food & Beverage

His Views on Education:
Education is the road for bright future and good life. That’s why today everyone wants to pursue quality education. If our primary education is good then it will give benefits to our future. In today’s world there are two aspects of education: Practical and Theoretical education. Encourage practical learning.

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