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Online platform catering all information to student community

The founders, Mr. Anand Meena & Ms Anwesha Boseare, are Engineering graduates from Delhi Technological University (DTU.) Anand is a workaholic who likes things to be done well on time and keeps things simple and uncomplicated. It has been incorporated in the core functioning as well. Anwesha is the one with a creative outlook. Giving shape to words and creating crisp designs is her forte. She is very versatile with her words and can be found writing about almost everything.


The team of AglaSem strives to provide information, updates and preparation material of school studies, entrance exams, college admissions, government jobs, talent search exams and Olympiads. Alexa ranking and daily user statistics show a good number about the success rate. Their aim is to give free access to updated and authentic information for the benefit of all student community. According to them, quality of information and genuine guidance online is lacking in the Indian education sector. AglaSem seeks to fill the gap.

Excerpts from the interview with the team of Aglasem:

How it all began:
AglaSem started as a website to help college students prepare for semester exams. In the year 2008 / 2009, many students were online and found it easier to get things on the internet than physically. For example- notes on a subject, study material, video lectures and so on. But these resources were broadly useful for learning and not really useful for each student. It was important to get specific resources for students depending upon the college they were studying in. This was solved by AglaSem.

While doing this, AglaSem was simultaneously serving as a discussion forum and news website for prospective students of colleges as well. Class 12th students who had appeared for entrance exams were asking several questions about choice of branch, college and so on, and were getting honest answers from college students. It was a common platform for seniors (studying in colleges) and school students.

Present day:
Currently AglaSem caters to school students (class 6th onwards), students preparing for under graduate entrance exams and seeking admissions, students preparing for post graduate entrance exams and seeking admissions, job seekers preparing for government job exams or seeking recruitment. Resources provided for these groups include news, information, study material, preparation resources, online mock tests, discussion forum.

The primary differentiator for Aglasem is the Authenticity & To-the-minute Updates. It understands the importance of up-to-date information. It takes immense care of the user’s experience and makes the process hassle-free. Also, what keeps the end-user happy is, the FREE access to all the information and resources.
Giving us an overview on how it works, they explained how they strive to provide the authentic and updated information which can be broadly categorised as under,
· Admissions
· Entrance Exams
· Olympiads
· Government Jobs
· Mock Tests.

Aglasem curates the information regarding each category from the official and reliable resources and update it for the students and job seekers who visit the portal. The user finds the correct information at the correct time.It has a discussion forum for the visitors to ask their queries and doubts about the entrances, admissions, government jobs and related activities. With all the experience gained over the years, the user gets a reliable answer to his / her doubts which in turn helps them to take important decisions about their career.

The team points out, there are three key factors which ensuresto stay ahead-
· User friendly technology – It is simple to use, users get what they want, can access it anytime and from anywhere.
· Correct and updated information and updates – It caters to students and job seekers. Ensure the users are empowered with information on time.
· Always improving – When it comes to technology, user experience, and other things that make a product work, continuous improvement is the key. Respect the feedback and work on every possible way to make the product better, every day.

Success Rate:
According to 2011 census, the student population in India is 315 million. They aim to reach at least 50%.They proudly mention that many teachers have congratulated them on their efforts. A number of teachers across the country have also taken forward the resources to underprivileged students who cannot afford internet and computers.Such students can also benefit directly or indirectly from Aglasem.

· One of the biggest challenges is identifying pain points of users (current and target) and delivering effective solutions.
· Another one is keeping up with the technological advancements.
“What makes us stand aside is that we have been consistent and have been growing. Also, what makes our end users happier is that we provide everything for free. “

Their goal is to empower students with information and resources to chart a better future for themselves and the world. Moving ahead is a critical part of life, and AglaSem wishes to be the chief architect in the life of every student and career oriented person who wants to be successful.

They are hiring young and talented individuals to various positions. Anyone interested can send their CVs to They wound up the interview with truthful quote, “There is no shortcut to success!”

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