Harpreet Kaur – English Literature and History Teacher- Bombay Scottish School, Powai

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An educator for 12 years, Harpreet Kaur currently is the English Literature and History Teacher of the senior section at Bombay Scottish School, Powai. There she is also in charge of the annual Scottish Model United Nations Conference. She is also the recipient of National Level award for Excellence in Social Science Teaching (By NDTV and Educomp)

How to make studying less stressful?

In my opinion, proper planning and flawless execution of the same is the key to beat stress in any scenario. Besides this, setting realistic goals, accepting the weak points and then focussing on them surely brings down stress. Parental support is definitely required for this. We must also try and ward off the predefined ideas of ‘achievement’ and ‘success’.

Unfortunately, in our education system grades do matter to cross initial milestones however we need to understand that they are not an end in themselves. Right choices and dedication matter the most in order to have a bright future.

Yes, I do agree that students are forced to do a lot of rote learning. Subjects like social studies require analytical thinking as well as application. However in order to apply knowledge the individual first needs to have the knowledge and that does require some amount of rote learning.

Are teachers of today also companions?

I strongly feel that in today’s world the teachers are mentors in disguise of companions for their students. The present-day scenario, in light of rules and restrictions imposed on educators and students’ exposure to knowledge, demands a teacher to be a companion in the learning process rather than being a preacher.

While we were only ‘taught’, the present student body ‘learns and teaches’. The latter happens because of the ample opportunities are given to the students to express their viewpoints and perspectives. It eventually leads to the camaraderie between the teacher and the students in the learning process.

Why don’t bright students like to take up teaching as a career option?

There is an array of fields available today. The students have ample exposure and career choices to make, unlike the earlier times. Besides this, a teacher’s job is less lucrative in terms of salary and perks. All these factors are responsible to dissuade students of today to take up the teaching profession.
What are the hindrances that take the joy out of being a teacher today?
Honestly speaking I am because I teach. It was my calling and if one’s calling becomes one’s profession then it is a divine blessing. I think the scarcity of time is the biggest hindrance. There is a lot that has to be done in order to complete the prescribed syllabus in a limited period. Joining a coaching class or tuition centre is now more of a craze among the students and due to this, the students are torn between the work given at school and at the coaching centres. This definitely impacts their involvement in school activities, eventually making it a challenging task for the teachers at school.

As a teacher how do you guide your students?

Children come with various issues on the home front, among the peers, choice of stream etc. So as a teacher instead of giving them a solution I first help them analyse the situation. Once that is done, they themselves get solutions to their problems and this makes them independent. After all, what I teach them to do for themselves today is what will make them successful human beings. They should be the decision makers for today to become great leaders of tomorrow.

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