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Started in the year 1966 as a small school, Lovely Public Senior Secondary School in New Delhi has blossomed into a full-scale educational institution and works steadily on its vision of “Let’s move to a better future”. The school follows the CBSE curriculum.

Dr Bhawana Malik as the Principal is at the helm of the school.

I am a true believer in karma; if the good is sown, the good is collected. I believe that throughout our lives we are learners and our education never ends. We must try to become a better version of ourselves every day. Life is all about success and failures. Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

The motto of my school is “Education is the real treasure” and rightly so. We believe in imparting our students with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and perseverance, which prepares them to face the world with confidence. We believe that education is not just about feeding knowledge, but about building character and all round development of the students.

Insight into the school

• Lovely Public Sr. Sec.School works hard to improve the skills of the students by stimulation and working on the standard in an orderly pattern.
• Strictly follows the guidelines laid by CBSE along with any amendments in the curriculum such as projects, teaching aid, smart class and test modules.
• The school has not changed the fee structure for a long time and the fee structure is affordable.
• 25% of the seats are allocated to children of EWS category to help children from all strata of the society get equal opportunities.
• Academic Heads and Head of Departments go for class room supervisions and ensure maximum learning of students.

Recruiting efficient teachers

• The ever increasing demand for good teachers has made it difficult to find such dedicated teachers for most of the schools.
• Malik believes each teacher has his/her own ability and capability which just needs to be tapped properly.
• The school has a close watch on their development and offers them many opportunities such as seminars and other programs.
• Pupil evaluation of teachers helps them to learn from their mistakes and become efficient teachers.
• New teachers with modern ideas and attitude bring in healthy changes and Malik ensures such talents are made use of to the best for the benefit of students.

Competitive exams and coaching centres

• Malik opines since the education system in India is dominated by examinations only, overhauling and redesigning of competitive examinations are needed.
• Schools should strive towards creating a healthy competition in achieving academic excellence.
• When the right opportunity is given to any student, they will work on getting into the course they are interested in.
• They should be motivated to take academic performance seriously and get complete knowledge of the subjects.
• She suggests, based on the interest of the students, they can be segregated into two categories – competitive and non-competitive.
• Special educators should be hired to cater to each category which will reduce the rush to get admission in coaching centres.
• Students should be encouraged to think out of the box to develop research and problem solving and develop innovative solutions.
• Malik feels that there is no need for coaching centres as they will make the school education jaded.
• Such centres only spoon-feed the students than helping them understand the subject.
• While the schools strive to cultivate critical analyses, collaborating systematically, and communication skills, the centres do not work for these.

Entrance exams take the students closer to their future careers. While some students succeed in cracking the entrance exams, some don’t. Also, the reservation quota has a big say in the admission. Both parents and students are extremely stressed about this issue. Students also have the disadvantage when they cannot afford to join private colleges. So some provision should be made to ensure that each student gets the chance to achieve his dream and does not suffer from depression.

Finance, leadership skills and social responsibility in curriculum

Including finance in the curriculum will help the students make decisions on allocating consumption over time. Leadership is important for a student not only for organizational skills but for the personal development. Students should be taught to repay the society they live in. Hence it becomes indispensable to make them more responsible towards the society.

Indian schools at par with the international institutions

It is the duty of the school managements, teachers and students to change the perspective of Indian schools in the global scenario. The complex nature of the education system in India keeps in view the scope for the various sections of society in the country. Factors such as examination pattern, curriculum, and the students’ perspective should be taken into consideration before any change is brought in. Programs to help students think critically and independently should be included. Assignments should include projects, group discussion, multiple choice question, artistic performance in labs, and field work. Every year discussion on improving the standards has to be arranged.

Competence of outgoing students

Students going out of Lovely Public Sr Sec School are very confident and efficient. They can face the outside world with all its challenges. The school trains them to pick their vocation and participate in all activities. Many students have been placed internationally and in the government and private sectors. They have earned a reputation in all fields and made the country proud.

Achievements and challenges

Malik claims that her success lies in her guidance to staff and students to work more efficiently and effectively. The combined effort has brought laurels and recognition to the school.

The main challenges Malik faces currently are:

• The aggression and restlessness among the youth that leads to abuses and loss of values
• Shortage of good teachers as the youngsters do not have an interest in the teaching profession
• Impact of modern gadgets and technology on students

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Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092, India
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