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Rosy Public School, situated in Jalalabad, UP, is keen about following an education system that brings out the innate talents of the students, such as fair play, sense of teamwork, and leadership qualities. The school aims to help the kids learn while playing. With proper monitoring of performance, the kids are ready to face any challenge in life physically and mentally. The school is firm that the children are not stressed or put to any mental pressure.

Sadhna Jha is the principal of Rosy Public School and has enjoyed her role as a teacher and Principal.

Inside the School

• The school is surrounded by natural scenery full of freshness and positive vibrations.
• Students from far off villages study in the school despite facing conveyance problems.
• Since a teacher’s responsibility is to kindle the creativity of the children, the school helps students learn at every step and teaching is framed in such a way that it makes the child learn and understand visually and audibly.
• It is never easy to get good teachers who will lay the foundation for future citizens. Sadhnahas always tried to help teachers whenever the need arises.
• She motivates them and her soft attitude and easy approach to issues, though not appreciated by all, have indeed helped her solve problems.
• The school helps each child to take part in all activities.
• The students come out with social qualities and mix well with others.
• Sadhna feels that if special coaching and proper guidance are given, every child can be moulded into a great citizen.

As a Principal

• Sadhna feels that delving deep into the issues is also the job of a principal.
• She distributes responsibility to all students who are excited about shouldering them.This is how the leadership quality of children is developed and their skills are sharpened.
• She has always needed the support of teachers to find the weakness of the child. While some children try to correct the weakness in a positive manner, some may not.
• As a principal, Sadhna has made each child think and identify hidden skills.
• It is her view that all Indian teachers should get training before joining a school in order to compete at an international level.

Outgoing Students

When the students leave the school they are competent enough to face the external world. As many of them are from the agriculture-based rural families, they are taught about the life in the city. The students are taught to love nature and respect their surroundings.

On Environment Day, students are made to do plantations and express their love for greenery. The theme of the month of August 2018 month is Green Vision.

Yoga day was celebrated by performing Asanas to spread its importance to be mentally, physically, and spiritually fit.

Sadhnasays that her achievements and awards are linked to the children’s success in life.

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