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Saint Soldier Public School, founded in the year 2003, based in Jaipur, follows CBSE curriculum and got its affiliation in 2011. Following public school norms, the school has English as the medium of instruction and Hindi as a compulsory language. The aim of the school is to develop the students to have high self-esteem and moral values to be successful future citizens of the world.

Aruna Suresh has been the principal of the school since the past 6 years and with zeal for the profession, she is always full of energy.


Inside the School

• The school has lush green lawns and playgrounds and offers holistic development of students.
• The strong team of teachers and challenging students always inspire each other.
• Moral education, life skills, community development, and value education are focused on strongly.
• The student council has a major role to play in all the activities and in developing leadership skills in children.
• Students are benefited by the team of highly qualified teachers, regular lab experiences, chances to clear doubts, and remedial classes to achieve their best academically.
• The fee structure is quite nominal to suit the affordability of middle-class families.

Challenges of the Indian Education Sector Today

The main challenge is the dissatisfaction of the students since the teachers are not able to convince them with their knowledge and methods of teaching. The student is able to learn more from the internet and wants to gain more from teachers. Also, the increasing number of coaching centres lure students to join them than attend regular schools. There is also a possibility of a major revamp of the education system which may see classrooms being removed and students learning more through their devices. Students have their own time to cultivate their knowledge and it is also possible that handwriting skills will soon disappear.

On Competitive Exams

Aruna says that some years back, technology had not taken over education and there was no problem in solving assessments. With this sudden change in the educational field, teachers find it quite tough to cope up with the transition and difficult to change from conventional methods. Earlier, students were expected to hone their skills in languages, science, social studies, maths, and science. But now students have to learn to use digital content genuinely and use the content from the internet wisely.

St. Soldier Public School offers a unique experience to the students with its 3D lab by giving an innovative learning experience. Students enjoy the projector, 3D spectacles, and special viewing screen. The school constantly introduces the latest developments. Aruna says that the school aims at more than just scoring marks.

Views on Government Schools

• Arunapoints out that government schools lack good classrooms, teachers, principals and have low motivation.
• To solve this problem, the government should make all efforts to rebuild the education system with improved infrastructure.
• Teachers and principals should be encouraged to achieve professional development, focus on the outcome, and everybody should be held accountable for the outcome.

Competence of Outgoing Students

St Soldier Public School grooms students to be self-disciplined, ready to face the challenges of society, possess life skills and responsibility towards society. They possess problem-solving skills, decision making efficiency, and use innovative solutions to solve complexand multi-faceted problems. They are ready to face the challenges of life and get ready for a successful future.

World Environmental Day and Yoga Day

Arunatalks about World Environment Day celebrations at school – Students participate in conservation activities, plantations on a large scale, and learn about methods to conserve nature. It is essential the school introduces new programs to help students communicate with nature, use nature-centred lesson plans and activities related to earth conservation.

Yoga day witnessed staff members performing yoga sessions and since it was a vacation, students could not participate.

Aruna voices her opinion that a school should provide a happy environment to make the students follow rules out of a change in attitude. Her school does not impose anything on students and focuses on holistic development. Students become socially and morally responsible by participating in activities of Eco club, sports club, language club, and integrity club. They develop human values by participating in activities and workshops conducted by Integrity club at school.

Aruna has won the Excellence in Leadership Award from ICAI institute for her accomplishments. She follows the pedagogy of target setting, opportunities, motivate, guide, analyse, evaluate, celebrate success and rectify flaws to move on.

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