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Samprasad Selvanayagam, hailing from Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu, has been working as a
Science teacher with Ministry of Education, Maldives since 2013. After completing
graduation in Chemistry in 2004 and B.Ed in 2012, he found that teaching is his soul-
satisfying profession. After teaching early childhood kids, home tuition, enrichment classes
for public examination, and special classes for students to clear arrear papers, he moved to
the Maldives to work as a Chemistry teacher.

Insight into Ministry of Education (MOE), Maldives

  • The MOE helps teachers to get a strong understanding and clear knowledge of the teaching process.
  • Up to the age of 18 years, education is open to all.
  • MOE has about 500 schools, and the management of each school is with MOE.
  • Over a period of time, education in the Maldives is witnessing many changes by following Western methodologies.
  • Technology has taken over classrooms with digitalized audio-visual aids, improvised apps for direct access with MOE for immediate actions.
  • The executive officer of MOE gets direct access to digital classroom systems.
  • MOE works on a well-calculated activity calendar and consists of active PTA members.
  • All the students get due encouragement to participate in each activity and get tablets, textbooks and other accessories, all free of cost.
  • Periodical training programs are conducted for teachers for updating to modern technology.
  • It is compulsory for students to follow Islamic principles followed in all campuses.
  • Payment to teachers is done as per government norms.
  • Due to the implementation of localization, unreasonable terminations are also witnessed.
  • Reluctance to Study Science subjects

    Samprasad Selvanayagam feels that such a saying is only a wrong perception from private
    schools and pressure on the students to score well to highlight their institutions. It is the
    duty of the teachers to make the students understand the importance of science in the
    present technological world and get them geared up to compete with international students
    in solving problems such as data science, renewable energy resources, and global warming.
    Examination Oriented Curriculum

    Samprasad Selvanayagam does not believe that MOE of Maldives is examination-oriented.
    He points out that the MOE has its own curriculum to offer AFL method of teaching-learning
    process to students from first to eighth grade where students are not encouraged to write
    tests on papers. Google sheets are used wherein students observe and update the multiple
    indicators for each objective. Beyond grade 9, students follow the IGCSE UK Cambridge
    curriculum for which skilled and qualified teachers from India are recruited. The teachers
    are assessed based on the success of O-level students.

    On participation of girl students in STEM programs, he feels that women should get equal
    opportunities in education as it is a violation of rights to prevent them from studying STEM

    According to Samprasad Selvanayagam, an ideal Science department should be developed in
    such a way that students get a positive outlook. It should have state-of-the-art laboratory
    facilities and teachers should be well-trained and skilful. Scientific exposures on
    environmental problems by way of symposia, debates and group discussions should be
    conducted apart from field trips, quizzes, exhibitions, and science fairs.

    Selvanayagam expresses that competitive exams will hugely help talented students to climb
    the success ladder easily. But countries like India should have separate educational boards
    for each state to conduct competitive exams based on its individual curriculum and not on a
    CBSE based curriculum.

    Selvanayagam points out that education is such a powerful weapon that it can change the
    whole world. The challenge starts in the classrooms and educational system has to keep
    pace with the fast-changing technology. The real challenge lies in accepting international
    teaching methodologies and enriching knowledge of digital classroom.
    Selvanayagam articulates that his success lies in the fact that he followed his passion and
    has the confidence to believe that he can excel. He concludes by saying that teachers should
    not teach only the textbook contents but should reach out to each student to understand
    their feelings, uniqueness and emotions.

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