Dr. Ramesh SCAD WORLD SCHOOL, Chengalpet, Chennai

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SCAD World School founded by Dr. S. Cletus Babu is a co-educational English medium school
located in National Highway, Pazhaveli, Chengalpet, Chennai with 1,00,000 square feet built
up area. The school follows CBSE curriculum and has classes from KG to VIII standards
currently and plans to expand in the coming years. The school claims to be committed to
developing the students to be emotionally, physically and mentally fit by offering quality
education. They are helped to excel in their field of choice and face external challenges.
The school is headed by Dr. Ramesh who is a Ph.D holder with about 17.5 years of
experience in administration, operations management and teaching in K-12 schools since

The success of the Institution

  • Dr. Ramesh points out that the school has been a great success mainly due to implementation and revision of educational programs, working towards development and implementation of the objectives for curriculum and instructional evaluation apart from a revision of curriculum guides and courses of study.
  • The administrative and daily operations of the institutions are overseen regularly.
  • Budgets are managed and guidelines are met apart from closely monitoring all thedetails related to EPF, ESI and government liaison.
  • The school ensures interaction and collaboration with students and parents and building an environment to enhance student learning, academic performance, and social growth.
  • Interaction with leaders and community partners to bring about parental involvement and community focus is also worked on.
  • Activities to encourage students to get learning experiences and modifying instructional resources so that the students’ requirements are fulfilled who come from different backgrounds and have special needs and learning styles.
  • The school recruits good teachers through campus interviews in education colleges
    and also by means of reference.
  • Dr. Ramesh opines that teachers have a great role in developing the personality of the students and it is the rapport that is built between them that helps in the academic and personal development of the students. They should not only teach subjects but also the values of life to students. Competitive Exams and Coaching Centres
  • Dr. Ramesh points out that since the students are stressed out with more work these days,
    the teachers in the school have to help them get updated in current affairs in order to
    handle competitive exams. Very few coaching centres work towards preparing the students
    for the same. Many of them pressurize the students for results.

    Indian schools at an International Level
    It is important that students are familiar with technology even from the early years of their
    lives and begin to use digital solutions when they start school. Indian schools should
    encourage equipping students with skills such as communication, collaboration, and
    problem-solving to be successful in the future.

    Teaching can be made more interactive and engaging to the students when devices are
    introduced in the classes. They also give an enhanced learning experience. When the right
    kind of device to meet the requirements is implemented, many such techniques and tools
    for a great classroom experience can be brought in.

    The school has won many awards such as:

  • Delivered excellent Social Service at Child Education thereby winning National Award
    from the Global Achievers
  • Awarded as Best Social Worker by Pondicherry Students Federation Society in 2005
  • Best Progressive Principal Award by Re-think India
  • Best School Leader of Tamil Nadu – By International Accreditation of India.
  • Best Educational Leader – By Chennai Press organization.
  • Life Time Achievement award by Pondicherry Bar Council.
  • Best School Principal in South India – By IAA.
  • Best Academician award by Educational Research and Development, Dehradun & UK.
  • Best Progressive Principal Award by Centre for Development and Education.
  • Best Principal of the year 2017 – AKS world Service.
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel national Reformer Award from IRDP Journals.
  • Best Visionary Leader of India International Award by Ink Edu Media Award.
  • Life Time Achievement award – By International Global Peace University
  • Dr. Ramesh says that the school celebrated World Environmental Day and International
    Yoga Day by organizing a big rally in the locality and distributing pamphlets demanding the
    banning of plastics.

    During International Yoga Day, the students performed a number of yoga exercises and yoga
    masters explained the uses of yoga in our daily life to the huge gathering of parents and

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    Contact details:

    National Highway, Pazhaveli, Chengalpet
    Tamil Nadu – 603111
    Ph: +91 44 27403091 | +91 9942978452
    Email: principal@swschennai.com