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Vega School in Gurgaon was co-founded by Dr. Steven Edwards and has students in the age
group of 3+ to 12 years. It is a new school and follows PBL pedagogy. PBL is a Project Based
Learning where students are exposed to real-world problems and challenges. Students get a
better knowledge of the subjects they are studying with this active and engaged learning
method. Anjali Yadav, a B.El.Ed from Gargi College, working in VEGA School Gurgaon is very
passionate about bringing about a change in the current education model.
Right from her college days, Anjali has wanted to be associated with a school where her
dreams of planning lessons and making children understand what and why they are learning
would come true. She has worked on policies, projects, school curriculum and assessment

Experiences as a Teacher

  • Anjali’s role as a primary teacher in a Project Based Learning process involves taking
    responsibility of the students, planning effective projects and planning for their
  • She feels that it is important to continuously monitor the teaching-learning process
    and improve with the passage of time.
  • Every year two projects are planned which are further developed by interacting with
    various teachers, taking feedback and applying the same in the classrooms. So all the
    subjects are linked with projects.
  • The school frames its curriculum mixing CBSE norms and foreign curriculum
    frameworks to cater to the needs of each age group.
  • Anjali Yadav thinks that one should know about the inspiration that makes them
    better each day. As a teacher one should take the risk as every new experience is
    vital to becoming a better teacher.
  • As a teacher at the school, Anjali conducts workshops for teachers and has earned
    appreciation by way of certification and incentives
  • Success Stories and Feedback from Parents

    Though parents were initially not too hopeful of the success of the PBL, with the passage of
    time, the progress and results have infused confidence and trust in parents. For example, a
    child was scared of English language and didn’t want to attend school but with the level of
    comfort in the school and attention, he picked up the language and even gave a
    presentation in English in front of all parents.

    In yet another example, a girl from home-schooling in Canada found it difficult to interact
    with others in a formal school. However, with due attention and bonding, she was able to
    complete the grade with good marks, made new friends, adapted well to the environment,and was able to share her thoughts with great confidence. Initially, her problem was writing legibly, but she could overcome the same and write beautifully conveying her thoughts.

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