Amit Sehgal – The Scholars Valley, Dhampur, UP

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The Scholars Valley, located in Dhampur, UP, has set very high goals of creating an environment that is safe, supportive and balanced opportunities in all fields to encourage students to improve their capabilities. The school has an atmosphere to guide students to appreciate the world and its varied cultural heritage.  Amit Sehgal is the principal of the institution for the past one year and the school follows CBSE curriculum.

Amit Sehgal has about two decades of experience in the education sector and is a widely travelled person. The school has carved a niche for itself for setting new trends and has been the leading school ahead of old setup schools. Sehgal talks about the impressive aspects of the school as:

  • Major importance is given to acquiring long-term skill and knowledge with the help of regular practice.
  • The school is keen on getting the feedback from parents and students and it works on sharing the feedback on the child’s progress in school.
  • The creativity of the children is given top priority and focus is given on improving the creativity of the children.
  • By setting the expectations high, the students are encouraged to learn, motivated and improve learning outcomes.
  • Goals set for the students are short-term and challenging.
  • Assessment processes aiming at high-quality measure the knowledge, ability, and skills of the students.
  • The fee structure of the school is very nominal and matches the environment and infrastructure given to the students.
  • Parents are encouraged to visit the school campus to check the facilities the children get.
  • The school insists on the parents knowing the working structure of the school and to discuss with the school authorities on this.



On teaching leadership skills, finance and social responsibility

Sehgal points out that lesson plans expand the educational experiences of the students along with activities.

  • Since the students are the future citizens of the country and their decisions would influence the development of the society, the school is particular about promoting social responsibility among students.
  • Their skills in financial management also have a say in the improvement of the society.
  • Hence Sehgal opines that exposing children to financial education and finance is very much essential.
  • The sense of community and confidence to plan for a change in the world has to be encouraged and they should acquire the social skills needed for the changes.

On the issue of schools preparing students for facing examinations, Mr. Sehgal expresses his views that the educational community has to keep up with the pace and students should be ready to face the same.

Schools are focused on providing the bookish knowledge to complete the syllabus and to make them ready for the examinations. Students are not ready to face the pressure of work culture or confidence to promote themselves among many others.

Scholars Valley is different in that it strives hard to achieve the overall development of the students and makes them ready to face the challenge. It is this ideology that keeps the school apart from other institutions.

Talking about the challenges facing the educational sector, Sehgal feels that the educational scenario in the country is at a very low level.

  • Lack of funds allocated for the development of education has forced many educational institutions to be failures.
  • Deserving students do not get suitable jobs in India and so they prefer to go abroad for the purpose leading to draining of talents.
  • The country has not achieved 100% literacy despite many efforts.
  • Only general education is provided in the schools and many students drop out of the schools resulting in financial and human resources loss.
  • The technical and vocational education offered is unsatisfactory and unproductive leading to unemployment.
  • Even at the primary level, the schools lack basic facilities and many schools have single teacher only or no teachers at all.

On how to make public schools relevant to the present educational requirements, Sehgal firmly says that government schools are not able to compete with the private schools. The government should make schools work on infrastructure, trained teachers, efficiency, curriculum and extracurricular activities. The schools should suit the local conditions.

The standard of Kendriya Vidyalaya should be maintained in all schools with good student-teacher ratio and focus on the outcome. The government schools should be revamped to suit the average performance of Kendriya Vidyalayas.

On his achievements, Mr. Sehgal is the recipient of “Best Principal Award and Most Experienced Principal of the Year Award 2018.” He has earned “Best Emerging School Award” and “Award for Excellence in Pedagogy” for Scholars Valley.

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Amit Sehgal
Recipient of Best Emerging School Award & Award for Excellence in Pedagogy
NH – 74, Behind Sai Mandir, Nagina-Dhampur Road,
Dhampur – 246761 (Uttar Pradesh)
Contact Number: 9627 912 912 / 9627 662 662
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