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Darshan Academy, Dasuya, which is one of the branches of Darshan Education Foundation, New Delhi, is affiliated to CBSE curriculum. The school aims at providing the kind of education that enables the students to face the challenges of life and gain knowledge along with decision-making skills, wisdom, and respect for everything. Mr.Rasik Gupta is the Principal of the school for the past four years.

Mr.Rasik Gupta’s experience in the school has been full of challenges and with the help of his team members, he has been successful in gaining the satisfaction of parents and improving the performance and overall development of the students. They are able to keep the fee structure nominal.

Mr. Gupta discusses the issues the school faces as:

Finding good teachers has been a challenge but with the support of the HR department, very good teachers are employed. Social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Whatsapp along with data from other branches of the school are the main source of information about such talented teachers.

He does not want the school to be a money minting machine but work towards building the high standards in education and maintain the reputation.

He says that developing the leadership skills of the students under the guidance of teachers has become mandatory. It is essential that students get social responsibility instilled in them by means of social activities conducted in the school. For this, the school encourages students participating in projects such as Roti Bank Project, Awareness campaigns on health issues and Cleanliness and Donation Drives.

Competitive Examinations

About the obsession with competitive exams students and parents have, Mr.Gupta says that though such exams are good, they are also creating tremendous pressure in the minds of students leading to suicidal tendency. To tackle this situation, the students should be encouraged to participate in campaigns detailing about alternative career options. Since students are not aware of the options, they are forced to appear for such competitive exams.

On such institutes that claim to train students to face the competitive exams, Mr. Gupta has a different opinion. He points out many of them have fake affiliations to schools and admit students for their classes, trying to gain popularity by projecting some successful students from their institute. The success rate is usually very low and these institutes only deprive the students of holistic education. Also, these institutes admit only highly meritorious students for providing success stories to the public.

Indian schools at par with international schools

When asked how to make Indian schools at par with the best international schools in the world, Mr. Gupta opines that India has to do a lot to make education easily available to one and all. Government schools which lack quality should improve the facilities and private schools should make education affordable for students.

Competence of students

Students passing out of Darshan Academy, Dasuya are holistically developed and they receive high-quality education apart from honing the innate talents and skills. They are also apprised of the alternative career options to prosper in their lives.Mr. Gupta’s achievement lies in gaining the confidence of the parents by excelling in various fields such as knowledge, sports, performance in exams, co-curricular activities and service to the society. Students are encouraged to understand the concepts and discuss the same as per their knowledge during assessments.

Mr.Rasik Gupta says that the school could not celebrate World Environmental Day and International Yoga Day as the school had holidays during that period. But the students make sure that they have awareness of the environment and take care of the same all through by taking care of the plants. Students are taught by means of campaigns on the global warming, the harmful effect of the chemicals on the Ozone layer and reducing usage of the same. The school curriculum has Yoga as a part of the subjects with two sessions in a week.

He is proud of winning Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Award, 2018 by IITA and lists creating his YouTube channel and Facebook in the name of Principal Rasik Gupta. He uses the channel and page to bring awareness among the parents and students about education, effective parenting and issues related to schools.

For more information, please visit: http://dasuya.darshanacademy.org

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