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Proteach in Nigeria is a company that helps in getting students ready to face international examinations. A huge network of teachers who are highly qualified in as many subjects is associated with Proteach and offer students a personalized coaching based on their learning abilities. Mr. Chiadikaibe Nwarie is a teacher associated with the company for the last 9 months which he says is an excellent experience for him as a teacher who is passionate about his profession.

An Electronic Engineering graduate, Mr. Chiadikaibe Nwarie has spent most of his time teaching Math, Science, Calculus and Design Technology. He has worked in China too. He teaches at IGCSE and AS/A levels and is an examinerfor Cambridge International Examination, UK.

He says that his experience as a teacher has exposed him to a world where he has learnt plenty of things. He wants to encourage students to become teachers as the profession is noble and exciting.

Curriculum in Nigeria

Mr. Chiadikaibe Nwarie says that the education pattern in Nigeria is such that a child spends 6 years in primary school, 3 in junior secondary class and 3 in senior secondary class and finally 4 years in a tertiary institution.

Every stage of the education is exam-oriented and the student has to qualify for them.

The system has undergone lots of changes due to problems such as funding, lack of qualified teachers, poor payment to them, and lack of facilities. But international schools teaching Cambridge, American, and Indian CBSE syllabus have been a source of encouragement in the Nigerian educational system despite being expensive for poor students.

Rote learning is yet another issue facing the educational system as students are under pressure to score high grades and this results in malpractice also. Public schools too face the same problem. Rote learning is mainly encouraged by traditional teachers who are predominant in public schools.

Fear of science subjects

Mr. Chiadikaibe Nwarie is of the opinion that the fear of students for science is caused by the way it is taught. Visual, Auditory, and Kinetics technique are ideal for teaching science as it will help students to learn visually, or by hearing, or by learning hands-on.

Lack of scientific equipment is yet another reason as some aspects of science has to be learnt with hands-on experience only. When such issues are missing, the very subject causes fear and a gap in understanding.

Countries like the UK do not have qualified teachers and hence teachers from non-science fields are converted to science teachers resulting in reduced interest in the subject.

Mr. Chiadikaibe Nwarie wants to encourage students to develop their own study habit. They should develop their own method of learning science.

Challenges in the profession

Mr. Chiadikaibe Nwarie accepts that there are plenty of challenges but he has methods to overcome the same.

Teacher observation: Due to the poor observation reports, Mr. Chiadikaibe Nwarie has developed a technique which is to do a self-observation in privacy by teaching an imaginary class. When the teacher watches the video, he will know how to correct his technique.

Comic drawing: Doing a comic of what the students love or hate in science makes it funny and exciting for them and eventually they become interested in the concept.

SLQFQ technique: Short Lecture Question Feedback Question session involves short lectures followed by question assessment, feedback followed by question assessment. When this is repeated during the classes, students gain more confidence to solve tougher problems.

School partnership: Having used the technique in Nigeria, Mr. Chiadikaibe Nwarie points out that the partnership helps students get exposed to various cultures, solving problems and teaching techniques. Schools within the country or at the international levels can combine to work on a particular project much to the benefits of the students.

Mr. Chiadikaibe Nwarie firmly believes that project/problem solving-based learning can help students greatly and he gives no homework to students.

Fewer girl students in STEM program

According to Mr. Chiadikaibe Nwarie, the reason for less number of girl students participating in the STEM program is gender bias and the way societies view girl students and segregate jobs for men and women. Girls are made to believe that engineering jobs are meant for men.

Ideal science department

Mr. Chiadikaibe Nwarie considers any science department as ideal when it helps students solve problems in their environments and the subject should be taught actively. He has seen science teaching going ineffective in a few countries as students are not able to connect to the problems around them with what they have been taught.

Competitive examinations

In Mr. Chiadikaibe Nwarie’s opinion, competitive examinations are both helpful and a curse to the students. He thinks that more novel methods should be developed to help students than just examinations. Nigeria is facing the problems of malpractice and cheating due to the pressure of examinations. No importance is given to the quality of education offered to the students.

He lists his achievements as:

  • Cambridge International Examinations(United Kingdom) Physics Examiner 2016
  • AISA (Association of International Schools in Africa) and Cambridge International Examination IGCSE training 2011.
  • DFID (Department for International Development) and British Council Global School Partnership training 2011.
  • AISA 2012 training Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Technology infusion in the classroom – MOODLE Beginners Training for Teachers. AISEN workshop on Time management 22nd November 2014
  • Class Teacher Year 8, 2014.
  • AISEN workshop on Differentiation and assessment learning 24th January 24, 2015.
  • An introduction to the English education system by Engage Education UK, 2017.
  • The ABC of teaching in England by Engage Education UK, 2017.
  • Lesson Planning and Marking by Engage Education UK, 2017.
  • Behaviour Management by Engage Education UK, 2017.
  • Pastoral care and Safeguarding by Engage Education UK, 2017.
  • SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL DIFFICULTIES in the CLASSROOM by Engage Education UK, 2018

Contact details:
Mr.Chiadikaibe Nwarie
Phone: +2348037395537
CoCreation Hub, 6th Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.
Ventures Platform, 29 Mambilla Street, off Aso Drive, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.