Vinay Ojha – English Teacher – St. Mary’s Christian School, Ghaziabad

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St. Mary’s Christian School in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad started in 1990 with the motive to bring “positive change to life”. The school also aims at sensitizing students to the conservation of environment, gender equality, and community service. The school is run by St Mary’s Educational and Charitable Society. It offers Science, Commerce, and Humanities streams and is affiliated to CBSE.

Mr Vinay Ojha is currently teaching English in the school with an aim of making students fluent in the English language as it will “help them in shaping their career” as he feels poor English communication has denied a bright future to many students.

About Teaching the English Language

  • Mr Vinay Ojha points out that “English is very important today. This is the preferred Business Language across the world. It binds together different people across the world.”
  • To add grandeur to the language, vocabulary plays a major role as “the difference between correct English and good English is the use of vocabulary.”
  • Vocabulary is something that needs to be improved over a period of time with plenty of effort and patience.
  • Regular reading habits even of the newspaper help in learning new words every day.
  • Putting efforts to make sentences with the new words learnt every day will help in expanding the command over the language.

On Teaching in Class

  • Mr Vinay Ojha narrates how he makes the teachingof English in classes interesting. He says preparation such as when it was written, the importance it holds in the current scenario and about the writer before teaching any topic in the language is very important.
  • He even says that adding a lot of colours to teaching with examples even from the movie world can make the teaching interesting.
  • Adding live examples to the teaching can impress the students all the more.

Handling students

Mr Vinay Ojha is of the opinion that marks alone are not the yardstick. Teaching the language is to make them understand but since CBSE insists on the marks “constant practice will help the students. Exercises should be given to them and motivate them to solve without fail.”

Career options

  • Since English is very important for students who desire to make a great career, studying English prepares you for a diverse range of professional fields, including teaching, journalism, law, publishing, medicine, and fine arts.
  • Tech companies and many start-up ventures also prefer candidates who have done English Majors.

Challenges of present-day teachers

  • Irrespective of the influence of technology on education, teachers have to know iconic teacher practices like assessment, curriculum design, classroom management, and cognitive coaching.
  • The ultimate aim of the teachers is to maintain the interest of the students which keeps changing with the invention of latest technological devices.
  • Teachers need to learn to use them in teaching activities to make the sessions more effective.
  • Teachers should realize that the students want to know more about the useful applications of what they studythan a studyabout the problems in future.

Mr Vinay Ojha quotes the core skills required of teachers as:

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Communication and Collaboration

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