Ashish Tibdewal – CEO – VIBGYOR Group of Schools

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Growing intellectually, artistically, athletically, and morallythat’s the VIBGYOR aim for its students. Located pan India, the school believes in an education that includes classes, sports, extracurricular activities, and special events. Started in 2004, the school offers ICSE, CBSE, and IGCSE curricula. Every child’s individuality is taken into consideration and guided in every step of the course, encouraging them to experiment and come upon their own strengths and weaknesses themselves. The institution has over 29 branches and 42,000 students to its credit.

Mr Ashish Tibdewal is the CEO of the institution and has won the’CEO of the year award’ at Times Ascent’s ‘Dream Companies to Work For.

Vision and mission

  • Personal and academic growth planned and started from a young age
  • Motivation through creating benchmarks
  • Identifying learning disabilities and work to solve them
  • Guiding students in their progress
  • To provide the highest quality of education in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment
  • Preparing students to face the challenges of the world
  • Offering education that is affordable, reliable, and adapting to changes
  • Planning to expand by another 23 schools in various cities

Teaching talents

  • Mr Ashish Tibdewal says that VIBGYOR pays a lot of attention while appointing teachers.
  • They are tested for their knowledge in the subject, understanding the child psychology, mastery of teaching pedagogies and attitude and outlook to life.
  • Plenty of development programs are conducted and progress assessed
  • A team of experts monitor the quality of teaching and learning in the school and feedback given to improve the skills
  • Teachers were given training in soft skills at regular intervals

Role of curricula in shaping students

  • Specialized scripted interdisciplinary curriculum developed by experts for high-quality learning material to suit all the educational boards and guidelines to teachers to ensure quality education in all branches.
  • Same topics are taught in same grades in all branches of the institution
  • In case students need an inter-school transfer, this procedure makes it easy
  • A holistic approach to education lays emphasis on the overall development of the child-intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual.
  • Tech-enabled classrooms to meet the requirements of the students at all phases
  • Lower classes use audio-video aids for learning and higher classes use video conferences and online research

Success and challenges

  • Mr Ashish Tibdewal is happy that the institution has achieved success in all dimensions such as expansion and personal achievements of students and staff.
  • Students winning awards at the national and international level in all fields with a few Guinness records too.
  • Some students have started their own YouTube channel

Making Indian schools on par with the international schools 

  • Holistic learning and ecosystem conducive for the all-round development of the student is the need of the hour
  • VIBGYOR offers balanced ecosystem for learning and development, infrastructure and opportunities to shape students into well-balanced individuals.
  • Overall development is more important than academics
  • Students should enjoy the learning process
  • Educational institutions should judge their aptitude and encourage them to pursue their passion.

No compromise is done on quality education. Systemic functions are constantly upgraded to achieve excellence. A team of experts ensure the internal efficiency using standardized procedures and systems.

Mr Ashish Tibdewal points out that profit is not the focus of the institution and concludes saying “we aim at creating innovative, quality driven global institutions that are reliable and at the same time affordable.”

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