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Vipin Singh, the Activity Coordinator at Children’s Academy, Ashok Nagar, Mumbai has been associated with the institution for the last 5 years. Equipped with degrees of B.Sc. B.Ed. M.A. in education, Singh says, “I love science and math, it excites me. I am a science student so I want students to study science and invent new things.”
Vipin Singh was a topper in his school and won many school competitions. He has always had a passion for science and math.


When asked why students fear math, he gives the following reasons and how he tackles them:
He says “I have not met any student who told me that he fears math subject but some students do find it difficult.”
• Due to the volume of the portion, he often finds it tough to pay attention to the weak students.
• So he asks them to meet him after the class hours to clear their doubts.
• For average students, he conducts remedial classes. Students can also clarify doubts on WhatsApp.
• He also suggests them to take up easy topics first and then move on to the tougher ones which will give them more confidence.
• Vipin Singh feels no calculators should be used in schools, as “school level calculations are not so difficult for which calculators are required.”
• If students find it difficult to calculate then “after proper certifications” calculators can be given to only such students.



When asked how he encourages the practical approach to math, Vipin Singh says, “When I start a lesson, in set induction, I always connect chapter with the application of math in everyday life.” Math projects used in everyday life, quizzes related to math, and assembly about applications of math and presentation on the same by students help in encouraging students to work on the mathematical thinking. Assignments are used to check the understanding of students. It also gives them practice.Creativity and knowledge of students are brought to the fore.

According to Vipin Singh, ICSE curriculum is the best as it helps the students to develop their application skills than rote learning. He opines that girls and boys are equally participating in STEM courses and there is no decline in the number of girls.

Vipin Singh expects an ideal science department to provide high-level teaching and encourage students to perform practical. The department should encourage participation in various science projects and activities. On his experience as a teacher, he says that initially, it was quite exciting. After some time he became more patient and learned new techniques to handle students. He also makes use of online tools to engage students. He prefers to facilitate them than dictating.

Vipin Singh has won many awards such as:
• Competition: Teacherathon 2017 – Award: Award For Best Mobility In Classroom
• Competition: Advance To Australia Video Making Competition 2016 – Second Prize
• Competition: International Youth Climate Summit 2015 – First Prize At Zonal Level
• First Prize In Western Zone – Second Prize At National Level

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Contact details:
Vipin Singh
Children’s Academy School,
Ashok Nagar, Atmaram Sawant Marg,
Kandivali East, Mumbai 400101