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Aboon for parents vying for all-round development and “excellence in all aspects of education”, Birla Balika Vidya Mandir was started in 1953 exclusively for the better education of Marvari girls. It got affiliated to CBSE Board and in 1975 became a co-educational K-12 institution under the name Gopi Birla Memorial School. Deepa Shetty has been associated with the institution ever since Ms. Amin retired after 42 years of service. The school has about 1500 students.
About the School:
The guiding philosophy of Gopi Birla Memorial School is to take the students through a joyous journey of learning by creating myriad opportunities for the child to develop the capacity to think, connect, reflect and decide.
The school’s constructivist curriculum amalgamates learning from recent brain research and theory of multiple intelligences along with other research validated best practices to ensure contemporary and progressive education for the foundation preschool years.
The CORE curriculum is an acronym for Conceptual-Original- Reflective –Emerging and blends the best practices of the global education community as well as the CBSE. It addresses the needs of the next generation learner in the Indian context.
School Highlights
· Gopi Birla Memorial School is well known for its mixture of old and new age values.
· The school went through a smooth transition between the fast-changing Digi-tech world and the deep-rooted traditional principles that lay the very foundation.
· The school encourages the students exhibiting their skill sets to the fore and exploring their potential.
· Children are helped to have their own plan of action for improvement andexcellence.
· Examinations do not affect the mental and emotional well-being of the students.
· Even when they are in the board years,they are encouraged to participate inall other activities and events.
· Technology-wise the school is well
equipped with 3D virtual labs, using
software like Maya, Adobe, smart boards, and 3D printing technology to help in the curriculum.
Health, Safety and Academic Growth
· Deepa Shetty is very confident that technology  helps greatly in ensuring the safety, academic  growth and health of the students.
· School campus has CCTV cameras installed to monitor the safety of the students.
· Tracking the performance of the students and physical BMI with the help of apps enables students and teachers to exhibit more care and caution about everyone’s safety.
Introduction of Finance, Social Responsibility and Leadership Skills
· Deepa Shetty feels that since the world has evolved a lot with more challenges and diversities, it is a great idea not to stick to one particular profession.
· They should know more to acquire skill sets such as finance, technology and leadership for a successful life.
· Also, sense of personal responsibility towards social concerns and issues will be very much needed in their lives.
Fee structure and parental support
· A very competitive fee structure, which is at par with the other schools in Mumbai.
· The very strong parent-teacher association helps in improvising the school policies with suggestions concerning students.
· This parent involvement ensures the smooth functioning of the school.
Competency of the Outgoing Students
· The school has been always supportive of students who have various types of difficulties and handicaps.
· They have been helped in achieving the  targets   that they set for themselves.
· Students do commit mistakes but they get support to excel in their
· Outgoing students have taken up high positions and have been greatly successful.
· The school takes pride when the alumni inform them how the school created an appetite for reading and working for the social cause.
Challenges in the Education Sector
Deepa Shetty points out that the structure of Indian education needs more action plans perfectly implemented. Still there are areas in the country that have not been benefited by the education.
A dynamic structure customized to the local context is the need of the hour and challenge is for “educationists and institutions to stand up for what they believe in and create platforms of opportunities for each child to learn.”
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Contact info:
Gopi Birla Memorial School
68 Walkeshwar Road
Mumbai Maharashtra 400006 Ph: 022-23693063