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DIRTBOOTS ADVENTURE, a Kolkata based company consisting of young and experienced trekkers and campers, organises environmentally responsible trekking tours and adventure travel in India.

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Nilanjan, the Program Director shares, “I have been an avid trekker and adventure enthusiast for the last 10+ years. I love to explore the lesser known places. And during these adventure programs, I have come across some wonderful people with a similar mindset. Thus, the idea of Dirtboots Adventure was conceived with an aim to promote adventure tourism in an environmentally responsible way.”

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Children’s Camp Activities
We have been successfully organizing nature awareness camps for children for quite some time now. In those camps, we have different activities, both on solo as well as team basis, like, shelter making, fire making, self-cooking, etc. Besides, we have very basic adventure activities like rock climbing, zip lining, light treks, etc.

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Age Groups
We have nature camps for different age groups – 5 – 14 years and 15 – 18 years. The typical ratio of staff to children is 1 per 3. We also emphasize on our food and offer food of different varieties all through the event. There is hardly or no repetition of food.

Learning Focus
Our nature camps are not only designed to know stars, rocks, insects, birds or trees like conventional nature camps but they also invoke the participants with discipline, self-dependence, tackling pressure situations, leadership quality, friendly attitude, team spirit, etc. They will know themselves better under the craft and finesse of our friendly guides. Participation in this program will transform them to a wanderlust child; they will be able to stand up and be recognized in the society just as easily they will be able to face the challenges life throws at us.

Benefits of Camping and Outdoor Activities
We have seen children usually are disciplined and quick learners provided they are instilled with the right training properly. Generally, they obey the camp disciplines very diligently. It all depends on how you inculcate good habits in the children.

With technological advancement and ever competitive rat race, children today are getting detached from nature. Childhood is under exile under the present socio-economic condition. Outdoor camp gives them an opportunity to come in close contact with nature thus instilling a sense of love and responsibility towards her and develop a sense of nature conservation from a young age.

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